10 Tips On How To Survive a Long Haul Flight

How to survive long haul flights

How to survive a marathon flight - The Washington PostThe first thing to consider is choosing a good company. Qatar Airways or Emirates are wonderful. They usually cover many flight routes from Europe to Asia with a stopover at their main airport.

  1. Try to reserve your seat in advance

If you are going to make a long flight, try to reserve the seat in advance, so that you can choose the one that suits you best. If you are one of the people who even sleeps while standing, then the window seats are ideal, since you will be able to lay your head on it, additionally you will avoid that the people next to you are waking you up to get up. If you are like me, and you find it difficult to fall asleep and you need to stretch your legs from time to time, the best option is without a doubt the aisle seat. The most uncomfortable seat is the middle one, so cross your fingers so that it does not touch you (although if you are traveling on intercontinental flights, it is very likely that it touches you in the middle of the plane where there are seats for 4 people). The seats in the front have the advantage that food is served first and also that you can disembark faster, especially if you have a connecting flight. The middle seats are the ones where you feel the least turbulence and the back seats are the safest, so depending on what you prefer, you can choose. Another tip to choose the seat is that you see the type of plane in which you are going to travel and Google the reviews or maps of the plane to see which seat is better, strategically.

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  1. Choose the right outfit

One of the best tips to survive a long flight, is to choose the correct clothing. If what you want is to really feel good during the flight, the best thing you can do is to wear loose clothing: sweatshirts, leggings, or diving pants, sandals or sneakers. Forget about jeans, boots or very tight clothes, since, due to the height, you can retain liquid and your clothes can be tighter. You can wear loose t-shirts and a sweatshirt that if required you can take it off or put it on without problem. Remember that the more comfortable your clothes are, the more comfortable you will be.

  1. Personal hygiene items

You will be on a very long flight where you will eat, sleep and live with a stranger next to you all that time, remember to carry personal hygiene items such as toothbrush, toothpaste, cream in your carry-on luggage , deodorant, brush, wipes to clean yourself. You can carry all this in your hand luggage, as long as the size does not exceed the allowed limit. Grooming is important and will allow you to be more comfortable during the long trip.

  1. Avoid alcohol, soda and caffeine

If we go on vacation, it is very normal that we want to consume a glass of wine, a beer, soft drinks or caffeine, on the flight to relax, however, if you want to survive a long flight in the best way, it is better not to you do it. All these types of drinks, far from helping you relax, are going to make your body suffer more, since alcohol at a certain height dehydrates us more, just like sodas. If we talk about caffeinated drinks, these could prevent you from falling asleep (especially if you travel at night), which will make the flight even heavier. So you better leave the consumption of these things for when you are already on the ground.


  1. Don’t neglect your belongings

If you plan to sleep or get up to the bathroom and travel alone, it is very important that you do not neglect your belongings. Do not leave your purse with money and cards neglected for a single moment, after all, you do not know the person who is next to you and you do not know if they could take advantage of an oversight to rob you.

  1. Travel safety tips Leisure and entertainment

Usually on long flights, airlines offer free entertainment, where you can watch a selection of movies, series or music. However, I recommend that you make your own movies, series, music or a book so that you can do different things and not get bored. Remember to carry the chargers by hand, because it is likely that you will eat the battery of your electronic device and it is even valid to carry an additional battery in case there are no electrical connectors to charge. It is not that you are going to travel full of books and how much electronic device you have, but if with the basics such as plan B, in case there is no entertainment service on the plane or, what you have is not to your liking.

  1. Hydrate yourself

The air in airplanes dries up a lot inside, but also outside. Take lip balm if you don’t want to have your lips cut the next 3 days. Add a moisturizing face cream to your backpack or bag if you have dry skin and hands. And drink water often during the journey, so do not worry about asking for it.

  1. Take a sweatshirt or something with long sleeves.

On airplanes they usually put the air conditioning on full blast. Although there are blankets, you may be cold.

  1. To be comfortable during the flight, take off your shoes.

Take some spare socks to wear only during the flight and to be able to walk with them. That does not cut you, you will see that many do.

Also, a mask will be your best ally to sleep, and a  neck cushion if you want to sleep without undressing.

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  1. Just relax

Finally, the best advice to survive a long flight is to relax, over time I have learned to enjoy not only the destination but the road.  I have also learned that, it is better to enjoy the adventure, including the flight.

Relax, sleep, have fun, read a book, talk. In short, take advantage of those hours to do some of the things you like best.

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