11 Low Tuition Universities in UK

Some students may dream to get a British degree, but still, it may seem difficult to achieve the very best in terms of money.
There are a handful of Universities with different tuition fees and other school expenses. For those with modest income, studying in a low tuition university is the goal. This article will consider some low tuition universities in UK.

Low Tuition universities in UK for International Students:
1.University of Stirling, Stirling
The University of Stirling was founded in 1967 . The university has built its reputation upon excellence and innovation. offers a high-quality education and a wide spectrum of study programs. Even though , the university is well- known for its standard system of education, it is one of the low tuition universities in UK.
Tuition Fee for International Undergraduates students:£12,140

2. Southampton Solent University
The Southampton Solent University study programs are sought after by numerous international scholars. Its student population consists of students coming from almost 100 nationalities. The followings are tuition fees for international students in the 2018/19 academic year
Tuition Fee For International Undergraduates: £12,500
3. Queen Margaret University, Musselburgh, East Lothian
The university is located in the sunny city of Musselburgh- the sunniest area in Scotland. Queen Margret University, offers a wide range of study programs. The tuition it carries is fairly low compared to the British standard.
Tuition Fee for International undergraduate students: £12,500

4. University of West London 
The University of West London enjoys a worldwide reputation as an excellent university. The university was ranked 50th in the Guardian University Guide 2019 . The University of West London has modern campus facilities that allows everyone to improve.
Tuition Fee For Undergraduats: £12,000

5.Leeds Becket University
Currently, the university boasts over 28,000 students coming from almost 100 countries of the world. In addition, the Leeds Becket University has some of the lowest tuition fees among all British universities. At this university, you’ll have to pay as follows
Tuition fee for International Undergraduates – £12,000

6. Teeside University

The reputation of the Teeside University is both nationally and internationally recognized. Through its rich scheme of study programs and high-quality teaching and research, the university guarantees to offers its student an exceptional education. Its reasonable tuition fees make this university still more attractive to international students.
Tuition Fee for International students:£11,825

7. Wrexham Glyndwr University

Wrexham Glyndwr University is founded in 2008, the Wrexham Glyndwr University is one of the youngest universities in UK. Regardless of this, the university is highly valued for its quality of education. Besides, it is a university easily affordable because it carries considerably low tuition fees for international students.
Tuition Fee for International Undergraduate: £11,750.

8. University of Chester
The University of Chester has long been active since 1839. The university aims to prepare students to gain the necessary skills which later will help them build their academic career and help their local communities. A degree at this university comes at a very affordable price.
Tuition Fee for International Undergraduate students: £11,950.

9. University of Bedfordshire
The University of Bedfordshire established in 2006, as a blending of the University of Luton and De Montfort’s University, two Bedford’s University campuses. The institution enjoys a global appealing, hosting more than 20,000 students coming from over 120 countries. Besides being this highly reputed and valued university, it carries affordable tuition fees for the international students.
Tuition Fee for International Undergraduate students: £11,500
10. Coventry University:
The University was founded in 1843. Earlier the college was famously known as the Coventry College for Design. The most popular courses that the University offers are in Health and Nursing. Coventry University was the first University to offer an undergraduate course in Disaster Management Programme.
Tuition fee for International Undergraduate students: £11,200
11. University of Cumbria

The University of Cumbria opened its doors just ten years ago and today it counts 10,000 students. The university’s clear long-term aim is to prepare its students to be able to give their fullest potential and seek a successful career.
Tuition Fee for International Undergraduate: £10,500.

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