12 Low Tuition Universities in Australia For International Students

Among the reasons why you should study in Australia are:
1.Universities in Australia has one of the most favourable atmosphere for international students.
2.Australian universities have great reputation all over the world.
3.Their degree are globally recognized in the world and

4. Australian universities are cheaper than universities in UK and USA.

Let’s now look at 12 low tuition fee universities in Australia for International Students


1. Australian Catholic University
Since 1991 when the university was established, it has grown rapidly. The university has seven campuses in Australia and additional campuses around the world. One of the main reason that students like to study at Australian Catholic University is its cheap tuition fee.

2.University of New England
The university is a low tuition Australian university located in New South Wales. The students here, benefit from the research grants that this university receives. Some of the research grant and the endowment goes to support the students by making tuition fee lower with scholarships.

3.Southern Cross University
Southern Cross University is an excellent public university that has over 15,000 students. These students and faculty study in various campuses such as Lismore and Coffs. Since its establishment in 1994, it has grown to be a large university partially because it is one of the low tuition universities in Australia.

4. University of Sunshine Coast Tuition
This excellent university is found in Queensland, Australia. It has around 722 staff teaching around 12,000 students in various departments and courses. This university is ranked 35th in the nation, which is very decent. It has many accolades such as earning highest rating in the generic skills learned.

5.Western Sydney University
This university is huge and has multiple campuses across Australia. Western Sydney University is relatively young but has quickly increased in student population. One of the reasons is its cheap tuition among Australian universities which attracts many students to consider the university.

6. Charles Darwin University
Like many universities in this list, Charles Darwin University is relatively young. It was founded in 2003 as a public university as the result of a merger between two universities. It was named after the famous naturalist who popularized the theory of evolution. It has many accolades such as being a member of seven Innovative Research Universities.

7.Charles Sturt University
This university is another Australian university that was established recently. There are many relatively new universities in Australia because of the high demand of international students for an Australian degree. Charles Sturt University was established in 1989 and quickly has increased its student population to over 20,000. Many students attended this university because it is a cheap Australian University. Although it is affordable, its education is very thorough in many different academic fields.

8.University of Divinity
This university is an older university located in Victoria. It was started in 1910 to award theology degrees. Students wishing to study philosophy, theology, and ministry should definitely consider University of Divinity in Australia.

9.Monash University
Monash University is a public institution located in Melbourne, Australia.The university is the largest university in Australia. It is a prestigious university that has graduate thousands of professionals over the years. Also, it is one of the largest universities in the nation containing 50,000 undergraduate students and 20,000 undergraduate students.

10.University of Southern Queensland
This university is located in Toowoomba, Australia, and is one of the regional universities. The university focuses on the renewing of the mind by academic studies. So, students should not only learn the facts through studying but also need to focus on growing their characters.

11. University of Newcastle
University of Newcastle is considered very prestigious among Australian University, and Times New Higher Education ranking system has ranked it to be 2nd in Australia. Also, it has ranked it to be 30th among young universities. It has many campuses in Australia and around the world such as Sydney Campus and Singapore Campus. Although the university is still very young the university can boast of producing notable alumni such as CEOs, ambassadors, and political leaders.

12. James Cook University
James Cook University is located in Queensland, Australia. It was named after the famous explorer James Cook. This university offers various degrees and programs for students wishing to study there including Arts, Business, Law, Medicine, Dentistry among many other courses.
The tuition fee of the above universities range from $19,000-$35,000

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