2019 Top 8 Low Tuition Universities in South Africa

South Africa is becoming a very popular study abroad destination for international students seeking low tuition fees for university studies. Tuition fees are usually charged per course module, thus varying slightly depending on the specific classes you take. To give a rough sense of the price range, most universities show international fees of R90,000 (~US$7,200) for undergraduate and honors programs, and R60000 (~US$4,300) for master’s degrees. Now let’s take a good look at the top 10 low tuition universities in South Africa.

University of Cape Town

This has consistently ranked number one among top universities in South Africa and is placed number 22 on the BRICS rankings and joint 200th in the world. UCT as its fondly called is the oldest university dating back to 1829 when it was founded as the South African College.During its long history, it has played a major role in dissolving apartheid and now has one of the most diverse student communities in South Africa.Looking at the rankings,UCT is super  popular for prestigious programs,sports related subjects and geography;

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University of the Witwatersrand

This institution is ranked 40th in BRICS and joint 381st in the world.It is simply known as Wits and located on multiple campuses in Northern Johannesburg. The institution is internationally recognized as a leading institution for Paleo sciences, boasting the largest fossil collection in the Southern Hemisphere.

University of Pretoria

While the University of Pretoria is down slightly to rank 45th in BRICS, it is nonetheless ranked third in the country as well as 561 globally.Generally one of the oldest and largest South African universities founded in 1908, UP earned top 20 scores for two of the BRICS indicators: employer reputation and international faculty.

Stellenbosch University

Heading back to the Western Cape Province, Stellenbosch University located in the small town of the same name is ranked 51st in Brics and joint 405th in the world, making it fourth among the top universities in South Africa. Indeed, Stellenbosch is one of the oldest institutions in South Africa having been established in 1918.It now has more than 29,000 students and five campuses and has cemented a reputation as a world class university.

University of Johannesburg

Another of the top universities to have been formed by a merger is ranked 61st in this years BRICS and 551 in the world university rankings. It earned a very high score for the percentage of international faculty members and in the top 50 in BRICS for the international students indicator with more 3000 of its 50,000 students coming from outside South Africa.

University of KwaZulu-Natal

This one is a younger South African University and is ranked 85th in BRICS in 2019 and 751-800 in the world University Rankings.Founded sometime in 2004 from the merger of the University of Natal, which dated back to 1910,it now enrols more than 46,000 students enrolled on five campuses throughout the province of the same name.

Rhodes University

Let’s move to the Eastern Province for the next in our look at the top universities in South Africa.Rhodes University  recently climbed 14 places to rank 124th in the BRICS rankings this year and was also featured at 801-1000 in the World University Rankings.Rhodes was founded in 1904 and has a small student population of 8,200. 18 percent of whom are from outside South Africa.On top of that, tuition fees are low and affordable for locals and international students

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