5 Best Cities In Australia For Students

Top 10 cities in Australia | Australian travel inspirationYou have decided to come to study in Australia, but you still don’t know which city is best for you? Are you looking for a warm and nocturnal city? Do you prefer surfing and nature? Do you enjoy big cities and cultural activities? Australia has everything to offer you, it’s up to you to choose the best place to stay!

First of all, to apply for a student visa, you must choose a minimum course of 12 weeks. We can suggest the best alternatives according to your needs, including the best place for you. It is essential, when choosing a city, to keep in mind; your own style and goals, budget, preferred weather type, course or career, and hobbies.

In this article, we have made a summary of the 5 best cities to study in Australia according to our students. We hope it helps you make one of the best decisions of your life. Check it out!

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  1. Melbourne

Located in the state of Victoria, Melbourne is considered the most cultural city in Australia, where you can find many art galleries, exhibitions, festivals and street entertainment. It is also ranked as one of the best cities to live in the world .

With almost 5 million inhabitants, this metropolis offers employment opportunities throughout the year, especially in the Hospitality and Events sector. This city is perfect for you if you are looking for cultural activities, pubs, active nightlife and, also, if you like to go to the beach for a weekend you are only 40 minutes away by bus!

There is a wide range of course types to choose from, Melbourne is home to many schools, colleges and universities in a variety of careers. Being the cultural heart of Australia, there are many courses dedicated to the art world.

The cost of living in Melbourne is the second highest in Australia, as you can find out here , so make sure you plan your finances well. Finally, remember to pack suitable clothing for cold, rain and heat, as you can feel the 4 season weather in one day!


  1. Sydney

The largest and most famous city in Australia, with approximately 5 million inhabitants, Sydney has an urban and beachy lifestyle. Art galleries, nightclubs, port areas, and beautiful beaches dot this cosmopolitan city.

Many international universities offer recognized educational programs in a variety of industries, from excellent English courses to professional careers.

As it is a growing metropolis with people from all over the world, it offers jobs in many areas throughout the year. The construction, hospitality, and childcare industries are the ones that commonly hire international students.

Keep in mind that it is the most expensive city in Australia, with high prices mainly for rent and transport.

As for the climate, it is very hot and humid during the summer months, as well as cold in winter. It has the 4 seasons very marked. Don’t miss the summer in Sydney and its more than 100 beaches to visit. Also, if you like hiking, discovering nature and wildlife, surfing and camping, there are many national parks to make this experience a reality!

  1. Brisbane

With almost 2.5 million inhabitants, Brisbane is the most populous city in Queensland. It is a small city with a stable warm climate, it is an excellent option for students who prefer to stay in a quieter environment.

The city offers world-class education with great universities and hosts the largest student fair in the country; the Brisbane International Student Festival, with more than 8,000 students participating each year.

Although it does not present as many jobs as the big cities, it has a stable economic situation and is one of the cheapest cities to live in Australia.

For beach lovers, it may not be the best option, as Brisbane only has a small man-made beach. However, it is very close to the Gold Coast or Byron Bay with fantastic beaches to visit, only 2 hours by car.


  1. Perth

Also from the group of smaller cities, Perth is located in the Western Australia region and has around 2 million inhabitants. It is a family town full of nature and wildlife. There is a beautiful river, the Swan River, that runs throughout the city, with great parks and green areas to enjoy.

Job offers are slightly lower compared to larger cities, but salaries are higher due to the mining and engineering sectors, the strongest in the city.

Perth is the most isolated and sunniest city in the world, with a warm summer climate on the Mediterranean, excellent temperatures to spend the day and have a picnic with friends in Kings Park. If you like surfing and camping in remote areas, you should definitely go to this city, with amazing surfing beaches and places to stay just a short drive away.

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  1. Gold Coast

The coastal city of the state of Queensland is the smallest of our selection with approximately 600,000 inhabitants. It is a paradise for students who love to surf and go to the beach, no matter the season.

The city offers different study options, from universities, vocational courses, English schools, all of them internationally recognized and with a diverse student community.

The best time to find work in the Gold Coast is from September to December, at the beginning of the high season, when the city begins to receive tourists and job vacancies are not yet filled.

The good news is that it is one of the cheapest cities in the country.

The skyline made up of tall buildings is known throughout the world, however, there are impressive beaches such as Burleigh Heads or Rainbow Bay to enjoy and practice sports. Take advantage of the sunny subtropical climate to maintain a fascinating tan all year round.


See you in Australia!

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