5 Easy Ways To Start A Real Estate Investment In 2020

How to Plan, Start, & Grow a Real Estate Business: 22 Essential Tips

2020 has not been a smooth year for most persons. With the uncertainties of life, the significance of investment becomes clearer. It is true that real estate investing is not for everyone. But for those who are smart enough to realize the streams of time we are in, real estate investing is a must-do. Real estate investing is very lucrative. It is one investment that can help you attain financial freedom. You may have heard about real estate investment and want to key in,  how do you begin? In this article, we will show you five (5) ways you can easily and successfully start a real estate investment in 2020.

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 Here are 5 ways you can easily start a real estate business with little or no money in 2020:


Buying a rental property is an unmistakable way to generate money monthly. You achieve this, you have to buy a house having a combined monthly mortgage payment and a property tax payment lower than the rent of the property.

One sure way to do this is to buy homes in a region where house rents are high.

After purchasing the homes, you do not have to manage the homes yourself. You can employ an expert on property management to manage the property.



If you think purchasing and renting out homes is not a good idea for you now, you could first test the waters by renting a portion of your existing home.

Renting a portion of your existing home affords you the opportunity of knowing what it feels like to be a landlord without going through a huge housing project.

Others who have had successes in doing in, first try to let a room in their home or the basement of their home. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many persons have lost their jobs and may not be able to continue paying forbigger apartments. Hence, they may be in need of just a room space as shelter. Therefore, renting a portion of your existing home,is a good way to easily start real estate investment.


Another way you can easily start a real estate investment,is by doing it bigger. As stated earlier, real estate investment is really lucrative. Not many persons are was of this. Real Estate investment is a sure way of attaining financial freedom. The bigger you invest, the more you earn. So invest in a bigger deal and earn big like others. You can invest in either commercial properties or residential properties.



If you agree that real estate is an incredible investment, but also think that you do not have the time to get involved in it, never worry. Real Estate Investment Trust, got you covered!

With Real Estate Investment Trust, you do not need to be actually involved. You could take your real estate investing tinthe stock market. You could also, invest in bonds or mortgage instruments.

You must not have a lot of money to this. You must not also be an accredited investor to do this.

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The final way to easily and successfully start real estate investment, is by flipping homes. Although, this way can be somewhat risky, the benefits outweighs the risk. Flipping homes means buying homes under market value, fixing the home and then resell it.

To successfully flip homes, you should go for buying homes that need minor repairs. Make the home look more attractive and then sell to make profit.


Two Sure Platforms to real estate investing are:

  1. Realty Mogul and,
  2. stREITwise.


The economy of many countries all over the world is falling. To attain financial freedom do Real Estate Investment.

Hope this article on starting a real estate business was helpful, if you enjoyed reading it, kindly share so others can benefit. If you want to start the business but you don’t have any money, you can start by renting out portion of your apartment.

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