7 Cheap Universities in Virginia for International Students

Virginia is a beautiful state with a rich history in the U.S. Although it is densely populated, most of it is covered in greenery and forests. This is why it is such an impressive choice for students. Added to that is its low tuition fee universities, accredited universities which have made Virginia one of Americas’ strongest contenders for impressive student life. This article will discuss low tuition universities in Virginia for both in-state, out-of-state, and international students as well.

Cheapest Universities in Virginia

1. Virginia State University, Petersburg

  • In-State Tuition Fees – $5,327
  • Out-of-State Tuition Fees – $15,442
  • International Tuition Fees – $15,442

If you didn’t know, VSU is the state’s first public land grant university and is built on a 231-acre campus. It is also a historically black university. A point of pride at the institution is a $300k federal grant that helped the institution bring in more of its minority students into the study of climate change. The centre does 31 undergraduate programs and boasts a 412-acre agricultural research facility, popularly known as the Randolph Farm.

Its in-state tuition fee is equally cheap when compared with other universities, making it a solid choice for local students. Its out-of-state and international fees are at the moment among the lowest and it has a good reputation for cultural diversity

2. Norfolk State University, Norfolk

  • In-State Tuition Fees – $5,478
  • Out-of-State Tuition Fees – $16,920
  • International Tuition Fees – $16,920

With more than 31 bachelor degree programs, Norfolk state is another popular black university. On-site is an African art museum, which the students can visit and even help contribute to. This university is renowed for having a culturally diverse establishment.

All of the different tuition fees are on the lower end of the scale, for Virginia. Its in-state fees, and its reputation, make it a popular choice for local residents. In this cheap university in Virginia, out-of-state and international tuition fees are also incredibly low, which is th reason it has achieved cultural diversity.

3. James Madison University, Harrisonburg

  • In-State Tuition Fees – $7,250
  • Out-of-State Tuition Fees – $24,150
  • International Tuition Fees – $24,150

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James Madison University is a mainstream institution with a good number of degree programs to select from, 139 to be specific. Sometime ago, it was named the number one college for employment in Virginia, according to the U.S Department of Education. Students looking for a career in the state would do well to add this university to their list when making a decision.

Its tuition fees are equally high when compared to others in this list of cheap universities in Virginia. However, the universities have many accolades and accreditations to its name making it an impressive university of choice in the state. It is definitely more popular with in-state residents with a low 2% population of international students and 24% of its students hailing from out-of-state.

4. Radford University, Radford

  • In-State Tuition Fees – $7,407
  • Out-of-State Tuition Fees – $19,042
  • International Tuition Fees – $19,042

Radford University is recognized the world over for the strength of its academic programs. Because of its beautiful location, emphasis is placed on outdoor recreational activities, such as hiking and kayaking. The university equally has a background of sustainability and has been super successful in its efforts to promote this in the everyday lives of the students and staff members.

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While the tuition fees here are not among the cheapest  in Virginia,however, as previously mentioned, its academic recognition is well above average. Although the out-of-state and international fees are quite high, it is important to mention that the university attracts students from 46 states and 66 countries of the world .

5. The University of Virginia’s College at Wise, Wise

  • In-State Tuition Fees – $5,366
  • Out-of-State Tuition Fees – $21,926
  • International Tuition Fees – $21,926

This renowned  liberal arts university is located in the mountains of Southwest Virginia. With more than 31 different majors, the students here have the lowest debt of any public liberal arts graduates, in the nation. We believe this is certainly something you should look into when considering low tuition  universities in Virginia.

Sadly, the out-of-state and international tuition fees are high when compared with other institutions. However, the in-state fees are definitely cheaper- in the lower third. Another thing is that most students here qualify for financial assistance, such as funding, scholarships or loans.

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