7 Low Tuition Universities in Europe

This article presents some low tuition universities in Europe with their tuition fee and cost of living.

1. All Saints University Dominica, Germany

Germany is well- known as a home for free-tuition universities. Here in All Saints University Dominica, no tuition fee for bachelors studies!

However, the average cost of living is around 800 EUR/month.

All Saints University Dominica offers programmes as:

Bachelors in Business in Germany
Bachelors in Economics in Germany
Bachelors in Engineering in Germany

2. University of Jaen, Spain
The University of Jaen is known for providing good quality education. The university is one of the friendliest international student destinations located in the sunny, second largest country in Europe, Spain. The university of Jaen has the lowest tuition fees in Europe for international students, 750 – 2,100 EUR/year. As a Bachelor’s student studying in the University of Jaen, you can make ends meet in most cities in Spain with a budget between 650 and 1,100 EUR/month.

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Some programmes offered here are:
Bachelors in Arts and Design
Bachelors in Political Science
Bachelors in Business
Most programs are taught in Spanish. But international students from USA, China, Brazil, Japan ,Argentina and the likes, are usually given assignments and official exams in English for one(1) year while learning Spanish.

3. University of Warsaw
The University of Warsaw is located in Poland. Poland is an affordable EU country.
The living costs in Poland are amazingly low ranging between 400 – 700 EUR/month. Students who do not speak Polish and who are from an EU country pay an average of tuition of2,000 EUR/ year for English. Some of the most popular study choices for international Bachelor’s students are:
Bachelors in Engineering in Poland
Bachelors in Computer Science in Poland
Bachelors in Management in Poland

4. University of Crete
Studying in Crete, is like schooling yet having fun. The university of Crete is situated in Greece. The cost of living in Crete, is very low.
For an EU student, there’s no tuition for Bachelor’s studies.
Here are some popular study choices for Bachelors:

Bachelors in Business Administration in Greece
Bachelors in Tourism and Leisure in Greece
Bachelors in International Relations in Greece

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5. University of Padova, Italy

The university of Padova, is ranked the #140 globally. The university offers a number of courses focused on Earth studies such as Natural and Earth Sciences, Agriculture and Environmental studies. The rich cultural heritage creates an exciting experience for international students. 

Tuition Fee
Bachelors cost international students around 1,000 EUR/year, however, there are both cheaper programmes.
Cost of Living
The cost of living can be between 650 and 950 EUR/ month.
Some Bachelors studies in the University of Padova are:
Bachelors in Art and Architecture in Italy
Bachelors in Business in Italy
Bachelors in Economics in Italy

6.  University of Vienna,Austria
The University Vienna is ranked number one in Austria. It offers almost 200 programs for international undergraduate and graduate students. Besides, the University of Vienna is one of the cheapest universities in Austria.
Tuition Fee
No tuition fee for EU students. For international students, tuition fee is around 750-1450 EUR/year.
Cost of Living
The costs of living in Austria can fall between 800 and 1,200 EUR/month.

7. University of Burgundy, France

The University of Burgundy offers most programs in English.

Tuition Fee:

For Bachelor’s programmes, the average tuition fees are around 190 EUR per year.Engineering degrees have higher tuition fees of around 620 EUR per academic year.

Cost of Living

France has a balance cost of living. It’s cost of living is 700-950 EUR/ month.

Bachelors studies options include:
Bachelors in Arts and Design in France
Bachelors in Economics in France
Bachelors in International Business in France .

Studying in any of these low tuition European universities will not only save cost but it will also grant you benefits you will enjoy throughout your lifetime!

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