Brandon University, Canada: Tuition Fees, Cost Of Living, Ranking and Admission Requirements

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Many students really want to study in low tuition universities in Canada but do not know which of the universities charge low tuition fees. Tuition fees in Canadian universities vary from one school to the other. I have finally decided to write this article because of the many comments and calls I have been receiving, and many people asking me about low tuition universities in Canada. We all know how expensive tuition fees in most Canadian universities can be, the more reason why we have decided to feature the affordable ones on So in this article, we shall focus on Brandon University, Canada as a one of the lowest tuition universities. We shall talk about the university and its location, tuition fees, cost of living, rankings, available programs, admission requirements, intake periods etc.

Brandon University is a world class Canadian university which is situated in the beautiful city of Brandon, Manitoba. The university has an enrollment of about 2940 full-time and part-time undergraduate plus graduate students. Brandon University has many academic programs for students in various fields of arts, education, health study, sciences, environment etc. International students who intend to study in Brandon University can do so since the tuition fees are very low and affordable compared to other universities in Canada. Tuition fees in the institution ranges from $5000 to $8000 per academic year for international students.

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Cost of living in Brandon University

When we talk about cost of living, we are referring to the amount of money an individual needs to take care of his/her living expenses in a given period of time. This amount will cover the cost of feeding, accommodation, transportation, recreation, buying of books etc. The cost of living in Canada actually depends on some factors like, the spending habit of a student and the city where the student resides. It’s important to note that cost of living in big cities is usually higher than the cost of living in smaller cities. Generally, the cost of living in Canada is put at $600 to $1000 per month for students. This amount should cover the cost of food, accommodation, books etc. Here’s the summarized breakdown;

  • Bus Fare One Way (local) $2.00 – $3.00
  • Average Restaurant Meal $10.00 – $25.00 per person
  • Movie $8.50 – $12.00
  • Letter within Canada $0.52
  • International Postage (letter) $1.55
  • Accommodation – $300 to $400 per month

Study programs available for students

Brandon University doesn’t offer a lot of programs. For example, programs like medicine and Engineering are not offered in the institution. So if you are looking for a study program in any of these fields, you might have to consider other universities. Brandon University mainly offers programs in the fields of Sciences, Social Sciences, Humanities, Health Sciences, and Certificate Programs etc. You can click here  to access these programs.

Admission requirement

If you are applying for an undergraduate program, the requirement is that you should have finished a secondary education or high school and obtained a high school certificate with good grades in subjects offered. For postgraduate application, a good bachelor’s degree is usually needed with transcripts showing all the grades. If English isn’t your first language, you will have to proof of English language proficiency by submitting Toefl or Ielts test scores.

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Scholarships offered

Many universities in Canada give out lots of scholarships to students and Brandon University isn’t left out. If you want to pursue your study, but you don’t have the needed finances, why not apply for some scholarships awarded by Brandon University. Kindly note that before you apply for any scholarship, you must have applied for admission into the university and gotten a study offer.

Admission times and deadlines

Before you apply for admission into any university, it’s important that you consider the application times and deadlines. This is because any application you send after deadline will not be considered by the university. You can find below the various application times for Brandon University

Brandon University has two admission intakes as explained below;

For fall semesters which begin in September, international students should submit their applications before April 1 and August 1 for Canadian and US students.

For Winter Semesters which begin in January, international students must apply before August 1 and December 1 for Canadian and US students.

How to apply for admission

Brandon University only accepts online application from students. Please note that you will only need to pay an application fee before your application is processed. For more information about the Brandon University admission application process, please visit here or email;

Brandon university ranking

Brandon University’s excellent student-faculty ratio and small class sizes, combined with strong showings by faculty researchers and BU’s robust funding for student supports, have helped improve the university’s placement in the annual rankings of Canadian universities, which were released today. Overall, BU has moved up one spot and now sits at 16th place in the primarily undergraduate category.

“While rankings are always somewhat subjective, it is gratifying to see that Brandon University is doing many things right, and we are investing in areas where we can continue to improve,” Dr. Robinson said. “We track our own performance regularly, but survey like these help us to identify trends across the country, and we value the annual opportunity to pause and take stock.”

In several measures of research, BU performed very well among its primarily undergraduate counterparts, sitting at 6th nationally for social sciences and humanities research grants as well as 7th nationally for citations of scholarly work.

Brandon University acceptance rate

Brandon University has a good acceptance rate from our research. In every 2,562 students that apply for admission into Brandon University, about 1,700 are accepted and this puts their acceptance rate at 66%.

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