Cheapest Course Specials, Sydney Australia


An incredibly safe and secure city with world-class education and health care providers 

Certificate IV in Sport Coaching

Duration: 9 Months

Cost is $6000

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Course Information: This qualification provides individuals with the skills and knowledge necessary to pursue a career as a coach at a regional or State level. General functions for professionals with this qualification include observing the performance of athletes to implement the required level of planning and instruction, recruit and manage volunteers, adopting principles of sport psychology, talent identification programs, conducting and evaluating individualised and team training programs. Working professionals would also supervise practice sessions as well as provide in competition assistance to athletes, including supporting their pre match psychological preparation and conducting post competition analysis of both strategy and performance.

Certificate III in Business

Duration: 26 Weeks

Cost is $2000 until 30th of June 2019

Course Information: This qualification is designed to help individuals whose job is to apply a broad range of competencies in a variety of work using some discretion, judgement and useful theoretical knowledge. They may provide technical advice and support to project teams.

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Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management

 Duration: 12 Months

Cost is $1500 per term

Course Information: Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management is specially designed for students who want to take the next step in their management career, or for people looking to formalize their experience with a nationally recognized qualification. This qualification prepares participants to work in roles with senior or managerial oversight and responsibilities. Graduates from this course may oversee the work of others within an organization or have specialized roles where they do not supervise others but provide strategic leadership. At the end of this course students will acquire the skills needed to succeed in management and leadership roles both within Australia and globally.

Diploma of Information Technology

Duration: 52 Weeks

Cost is $6000

Course Information: 

With this qualification students acquire the skills and knowledge they need to administer and manage Information and communications technology (ICT) support and systems in small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) deploying a wide range of general ICT technologies. Graduates working at this level in organizations provide a broader rather than specialized ICT support function, applying top level technical skills in ICT areas such as IT support, networking, database development, programming and web development.

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