Cheapest Tuition Private Universities In India

Universities in India

government awards for College and University Students in IndiaMany persons have different view of India as a country. This article will help you appreciate Indian universities for its affordability and uniqueness.

India is more fashionable than many other nations due to its religious ambiguity, but overtime the country has grown in education. Well, just in case you are curious about studying in India, we present to you our list of the highest ten cheapest private universities in India.

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Well, Why not India?

It is quite easier to interact with students in Indian Universities. Besides that studying in India affords you the opportunity of really knowing worthwhile India histories. For example, you will come to really understand India’s mythical foundations through the Mahabharata, its centuries of warfare under the rule of kings and sultans, and its modern struggle for independence from the British Raj and a lot more.

If you are someone that loves to feel relax while studying, the environment in India would be fantastic for you.

Additionally, the cost of living in India is low. This means that India is such an affordable place to live and study abroad. You will have the chance to enjoy frequent and affordable travel throughout the country. This would make exploring India even easier for you.

Also, the facilities in most India universities are good enough for students to use.

Now let’s consider, some of the Cheapest Universities in India:


  1. Rai University
  2. ITM University
  3. GLS University

4.Navrachana University

  1. Bahra University
  2. IEC University
  3. Kaziranga University
  4. Mats University
  5. Uka Tarsaidia University
  6. REVA University
  7. Nirma University
  8. Indian Institute of Science
  9. Osmania University
  10. Jadavpur University
  11. Thapar University

Let’s take a closer look at five (5) of the 12 Cheapest Universities.

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  1. Bahra University

Bahra University is considered to one of the exceptional private universities in India. a

The University has over 23,000 campus placements. Students can enroll as part- time students or can choose to study full-time.

Some of his popular courses include;

Hotel management,

Computer Application


Basic sciences,

Engineering, and


This university is recognized together of the simplest private universities in India with an excellent research history.

Tuition Fee: Rs 38,250


GLS University was established in the year 2015. It was created with the realitic goal of providing a perfect and artistic learning environment and continuing the tradition of excellence in your education.

The university’s goal is to develop leadership qualities and values,  in their students through its numerous programs

Although still young, GLS University hs built a solid reputation of quality education in no time.

Tuition fee for International Students in GLS : Rs per annum

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  1. Rai University

Established in 2012, Rai University is also one among the youngest universities in India.

Rai University has the goal of “enabling vital connections and collaborations between the spheres of educational and research development, industry innovation and community needs, to realize greater social impact, sustainable development and lasting transformation. ”

Popular Courses Offered in Rai University

Animation & Design





Tuition Fee: Rs 49,000 per year

  1. Osmania University

Based in the city of Hyderabad, the Osmania University is another public state university that dates back to the early 20th century. This cheap university in India happens to be one of the 3rd oldest university (by establishments during the British empire) and is also the first university in the country to offer Urdu as a language of instruction.

The institution’s mission statement portrays great interest in building Gujarat state through empowering disadvantaged people with a special specialise in girls.

Tuition fees: from $400

Jadavpur University

Located in the city of Kolkata in the state of West Bengal, The Jadavpur University is one of the oldest of its kind.  .

Jadavpur University Rankings: Jadavpur University is ranked one of the Top 20 Universities in India and among the Top 650 universities in the world.

Tuition Fee in dollars : $800

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