Cheapest Universities in Europe for International Students

Cheapest tuition university in Europe

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Studying abroad offers lots of opportunities and experience for many people. You will attend wonderful universities with different cultures and make new friends. Thousands of young students dream of traveling abroad to study but there are usually certain constraints. Living expenses, tuition, and flight money are some of the things that might be a hindrance to someone who is not financially buoyant. The cost of studying abroad has prevented a lot of people from fulfilling their dreams.

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As a student, you have endless opportunities to study in any country of your choice at an affordable price. The number of people who choose to study in Europe and earn their degree grows every year. There are lots of cheap universities in Europe that provide foreign students with standard education and a chance to engage in a diverse and unique cultural experience. This post is going to list the best cheap schools in Europe for international students.

Top 10 cheapest Universities in Europe for International Students

Free University of Berlin

Just as its name suggests, the tuition to the school is free. The tuitions for most of their courses are also free except for a few ones in master’s and bachelor’s. They specialize in courses of social sciences, local sciences, and humanities. It is located in Berlin, Germany. The living cost is about 700 Euros monthly. The school has tons of opportunities and adventures that it offers its students.

Scuola Normale Superiore

This university offers some of the sweetest deals available for studying in Europe. It is top-rated in Italy and one of the best in all of Europe. Scuola offers free tuition for international students. In addition to that, the school provides amenities like food and housing. If you go there to study, you will barely pay any tuition. It is located in Pisa, Italy.

It has 3 major programs for undergraduates and these include political science, humanities, and sciences (biology, chemistry, and physics). The humanities offer topics such as archaeology modern literature, linguistics philosophy, and paleography history of art.

University of Göttingen

This university is located in Germany and is among the best free schools in Europe for foreign students. They have different programs in law, social science, natural science, and humanities. According to reports, it has one of the largest libraries in the whole of Germany.

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The only fee expected of every student is the administrative fee which is about 300 Euros every semester. The cost of living and studying in Gottingen is around 700 Euros monthly.


This University is also located in Pisa and is among the cheapest universities in Europe. It has two main programs which are social sciences and experimental & applied sciences. Although a few of its courses are taught in English, you will need an important knowledge of Italian to study in this school.

You will have to make effort to learn the language so you can enjoy free tuition. The school also covers living expenses. It is a good consideration if you would love to study in Europe.

The University of Vienna

Another cheap school that is a great choice is University of Vienna. Founded in 1365, this school has lots of history as one of the oldest universities in Europe.

It is located in Vienna, Austria, and offers standard education to its students. The tuition is free, though you get to pay about 730 Euro ($815) every semester. They have up to 200 programs which are mostly taught in Europe. Some of their popular subjects are theology, computer science, philosophy, and cultural studies.

Nantes University

If you love France, then this is a good university choice for you. The school offers various programs that are taught in English. Some of them are: biology, European & International Studies, and earth science (literature, foreign languages, and civilizations)

It changes per semester processing fee which is around 184 Euros. The cost of living there as a student is low as it’s to be about 600 Euros per month.

University of Paris-Sud

The University of Paris-Sud is one of the best and cheapest European schools for foreign students. The only payment required for study is the semester processing fee which is around 170 or $190. Their programs are taught in English and mostly include courses in physics, sciences and languages, and economics and management.

Paris is such a beautiful city with amazing cultures and adventures. Although the cost of living there is high, it is all worth it.

Nord University

Nord University is located in Bodo, Norway and does not charge tuition fee. However, if you are not a European citizen, you will have to prove that you have the finances to support yourself for one year in order

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