Comprehensive List Of Low Tuition Universities In Europe

Image result for universities in europeStudying abroad could be the most exciting travel experience of your lifeas it affords you the opportunity to meet new individuals (and future friends!), while encountering unfathomable new societies and going to a stunning university, all at the same time!  A number of young students relish the idea of studying abroad but unfortunately, the expense of studying abroad is a turn off for a lot of prospective students.

You are in luck as we’ve assembled a list of top ten low tuition universities to study in Europe.


  1. ScuolaNormaleSuperiore

ScuolaNormaleSuperiore is a top notch university in Italy, and truly outstanding in the entirety of Europe. The school has three primary courses for studies: humanities, sciences, and political science. The best part of this school is,ScuolaNormale is one of the tuition free colleges in Europe for global students. As though that isn’t astonishing enough, the school additionally takes care of living costs, like feeding and accommodation

Location: Pisa, Italy

Tuition: Free

Popular Courses: Humanities, Sciences, and Political Science


  1. Sant’Anna

Sant’Anna has two fundamental courses: experimental & applied sciences and sociologies. While a few courses are tutored in English, you’ll have to know a good measure of Italian to study here. The additional push to become familiar with the language is justified, despite all the trouble! This school is tuition free, and they’ll cover your everyday costs also. You’ll adore living and going to class in Pisa, for free! This university is an ideal choice for studying abroad in Europe.

Location: Pisa, Italy

Tuition Fee: Free

Popular Courses: Experimental and Applied Sciences and Social Sciences


  1. Free University Of Berlin

The tuition at the University of Berlin is free, but you’ll be answerable for living costs, like accommodation and nourishment. In Berlin, living cost is around 700 euros every month, only under $800 every month! That is a fair deal for such an incredible university. This university is one of the most affordable Universities in Europe that tutor in English. They offer a Bachelor of Arts program loaded with courses taught in English.

Location: Berlin

Tuition Fee: Free

Popular Course: North American Studies

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  1. University Of Göttingen

Germany is a leading country in free tutoring, and University of Göttingen is one of the tuition free colleges in Europe for students all over the globe! This university has programs in humanities, natural sciences, law, and social sciences some of which are taught in English! It’s additionally home to one of the biggest library in the entirety of Germany. The main expense for this university is a meager fee of around 300 Euros for each semester. That is simply $335 dollars for a whole semester of schooling! The otherexpense is the cost of living. In Göttingen, the average cost of living is like that of Berlin at around 700 euros, or under $800 per month.


Location: Göttingen, Germany

Tuition Fee: €300 ($335)

Popular Courses: Humanities, natural sciences, law, and social sciences


  1. RWTH Aachen University

RWTH Aachen University has some expertise in architecture, georesources, and materials engineering. All bachelor degree courses are tutored in German, so you’ll require a specific measure of fluency in their language to get an education there. Learning German is justified as this university charges no tuition aside from a little student body and entrance feeof 260 euros, or $290 per semester. The normal average cost for basic items is about ~800 Euros every month, or just shy of ~$900.

Location: Aachen, Germany

Tuition Fee: ~260 euros (~$290)

Popular Courses: Architecture, georesources, and materials engineering

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  1. The University of Vienna

Vienna, Austria is another incredible locale for affordable universities in Europe. The University of Vienna is tuition free, with just a little charge of ~730 Euros, or ~$815 per semester. There are about 200 distinct courses from which to pick and many are even tutored in English. Since it was established in 1365, this University is rich in history, and is probably the most seasoned university around. The town of Vienna is popular for its way of life and nightlife, and will be the ideal spot for you to study abroad.

Location: Vienna, Austria

Tuition Fee: ~730 Euros, or ~$815 per semester

Popular Courses: Theology, Computer Science, Cultural Studies, Philosophy


  1. Nord University


As an openly subsidized Norwegian university, Nord University doesn’t charge tuition expenses. The main catch is that, as a non EU resident, you are required to prove that you have what it takes to help yourself for a year in Norway so as to get a visa to study there. Presently, the average cost for basic items in Norway for a year is around ~$13,000. While this is somewhat more than several costs of living in this list, the Nord University experience is justified as Nord University is among one of most the affordable universities in Europe that tutor in English.

Location: ‎Bodø, Norway

Tuition Fee: ~725 Euros, or ~$800 per semester

Popular Couses: Circumpolar Studies, 3D craftsmanship, Animation, Games and Entertainment Technology, Biology, and English


  1. Nantes University

If France is your cup of coffee, Nantes University is the school for you. Nantes University charges just a little processing fee of 184 euros, or ~$200 per semester! The average cost for basic items here is genuinely low, at only 600 euros, or ~$670 every month. Nantes University offers an assortment of subjects tutored in English: Biology and earth science, foreign languages, literature, civilization; and European and International studies.

Location: Nantes, France

Tuition Fee: ~184 Euros, or ~$200 per semester

Popular Courses: Health and medical technology, engineering, legal and political science, and other interdisciplinary programs


  1. University of Paris-Sud

University of Paris-Sud is probably the least expensive university in Europe; they charge just a little processing expense of around ~€170 (~$190) per semester. Their English-tutored programs incorporate physics, sciences, economics, languages and management. What’s more, the location, Paris, is astonishing! Eiffel Tower and numerous other French sightings await you! The main catch is, on the grounds that it’s such a huge city, the average cost for basic items in general are somewhat high. All things considered, with a university this cheap, your fantasies about studying abroad in Paris are achievable!


Location: Paris, France


Tuition Fee: ~170 euros, or ~$190 per semester


Popular Courses:  physics, sciences, economics, languages and management

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  1. University Of Athens


This university is the oldest in the entirety of Greece! Their undergrad programs run from dentistry to music studies, also nursing, social philosophy, and theater studies. You’ll adore going to class in the midst of Greek segments and engineering. What’s more, the city of Athens has Greek ruins sprinkled all through the city; you’ll have tons to explore during your time studying abroad there. The average cost for basic items in Athens is ~$800 every month and can be as little as ~$500.

Location: Athens, Greece

Tuition Fee: $400 per semester

Popular Courses: Dentistry, music studies, nursing, social philosophy, and theater studies


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