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Dalarna University International Students Scholarships 2020/2021 - Sweden |  After School AfricaDalarna University is a  popular low tuition University based in Borlänge & Falun in the central region of Sweden and  was founded sometime in the year 1977.At Dalarna University, design and innovation work hand in hand. With a wide range of web-distance programs available, more than 50% of students study online. These innovative courses are taught on the virtual campus which is open and accessible all day long. This platform brings together students for seminars, lectures, and lessons using various online tools and systems such as interactive video, sound, and text. The institution has two campuses that are close to the fascinating Swedish capital city Stockholm.

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Dalarna University offers you the rare opportunity of mingling with more than 11,000 students from across the world. It does much to  break the barrier of racial discrimination because the institution has students from America,Europe,Africa and Asia who are sociable. The environment within Dalarna University affords you the fantastic opportunity of participating in outdoor adventure while enjoying the amazing experience studying in a small town provides.

In our  world where accessibility to knowledge exists at the touch of a button, Dalarna University  is working to develop programmes and courses that equip students for a world that is ever-evolving where critical and logical thinking and an awareness of the importance of knowledge play an increasingly salient role. Both on-campus and online, Dalarna University continues to evolve, and  welcomes you to become one of her next generation of scholars who will impact the world.

Dalarna University is very well organised for exchange students. Professors are ready to help and very good at their subject. The university offers lots of subjects and free-time activities and it’s also a very nice buildings. Being a student at this University, you also have the right to apply to the nearby students dormitory, which is great for meeting new people (both international and local). Moreover, the city is lovely!!!


In a study conducted recently by http://www.webometrics.info sometime in 2017, Dalarna University was ranked as the 25th best institution in Sweden and the 2241th in the world. Dalarna University offers Sweden’s only master’s programmes in popular solar energy engineering and African studies.


In order to be eligible for admission into Dalarna University, you have to  satisfy the General Entry requirements. Most courses and programmes also ask that you fulfill  Specific Entry Requirements.

Post-graduate  Programme Applicants

For applicants to a master programme in Sweden, the general entry requirements are as follows:

i.You must hold a bachelor degree (equivalent to a Swedish bachelor degree) or higher from an internationally recognized institution

ii.You should demonstrate proficiency in English typically through an international test such as TOEFL or IELTS, where a minimum score (90 on the IBT or 6.5 with no band less than 6.0 on the IELTS) is required. Many students are exempt from taking these tests if they fulfill certain requirements.

Bachelor Programme Applicants

For applicants to a bachelor programme in Sweden, the general eligibility requirements are:

i.You have completed upper-secondary school (equivalent to Swedish upper-secondary school).

ii.You can demonstrate proficiency in English typically through an international test such as TOEFL or IELTS, where a minimum score (90 on the IBT or 6.5 with no band less than 6.0 on the IELTS) is required. Many students are exempt from taking these tests if they fulfil certain requirements.


Dalarna University gives you series of high-quality, research-based programmes, courses and course packages taught in English by well qualified lecturers that will help you unlock your critical mind.

Dalarna University offers over 1200 courses, 40 Bachelor´s Degree programmes, and 15 Master´s Degree programmes which includes business, sustainable tourism, data analysis and economics. Hundreds of these courses are taught entirely in English both on campus and online.

Courses and programs have been developed in close alliance  with regional businesses and local industries like like ABB, SSAB, Clas Ohlson and Stora Ensö to give students relevant and transferable knowledge.


Yes,i will oblige you.Tuition fees vary for individual courses, course packages and programmes for a semester of full-time studies (30 credits).  The cost of full-time studies at Dalarna University is between $5,300 and $8600 USD.

They tuition covers the full cost of study: instruction, lectures, examinations, course and examination certificates. They do not include course literature, accommodation or living expenses.


As it is in most places,the cost of  living in Sweden depends on your lifestyle and the city you live in. The Swedish currency is known as the Swedish krona and please note that the Euro is not used in Sweden. The Migration Board determines  how much you must have available for your study period. In 2016 for example, the stated amount for each month of the ten-month academic year was 8000 sek.


Rent and Transportation 3150SEK in school dorm

4000-6000SEK for outside student housing

Local transport 550 SEK

Food 1500SEK

80-100SEK for pizza

Cappuccino 40SEK

Fun and cloths 120SEK for a cinema ticket

Gym access and lectures go for 1600Sek

Cloths 2000-3000 SEK

Miscellaneous 1400SEK

Phone 350SEK

Dalarna provides a fantastic environment to pursue your study on low tuition. Make Dalarna your choice this session.

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