Free Tuition in Germany: Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich

Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München – is a renowned university found in the heart of Munich and recognized as one of Europe’s premier academic and research institutions. Founded sometime in 1472, LMU continues to attract talented and inspiring students from all over the world, keeping the University at the nexus of ideas that challenge and change our complex world. Above all Tuition is free for both local and international students.

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How to Apply

International applicants ( i.e non Germans) who would like to study at the LMU will be asked to submit their application to the International Office. However, in a few cases they will be required to apply to the Student Office or the Foundation for University Admissions

Certification of Documents

International applicants will have to submit certified copies of their school results, police & medical  report and school certificates. Certification of documents have to be carried out by the following organizations viz:  German embassies and consulates. The school or university which has issued the certificates. Educational institutions are expected to certify copies of their own certificates. In that case, the certified copies should bear the official seal of the Head of School or of the Dean or President of the University. Certification by the administration office is not sufficient.  A notary who applies the postal stamp to the copies.

Deadlines to Submit

January 15 for the summer semester

July 15 for the winter semester

How to Obtain Student Visa

To apply for and obtain a German visa, international applicants will be expected to show concrete proof of their ability to afford their accommodation and feeding expenses during their time of study. This can be done in either of two ways:

(1) Submit a letter of finances to the German consulate or embassy. You can conveniently obtain this sponsor letter from your parents or a German relative who is able to sponsor your program in Germany.

(2) Open a German blocked account and deposit  7000 euro. You can only do this once you’ve received your letter of admission. This blocked account is opened in the German embassy.

Required Documents:

    • A Completed visa application form
    • Valid international Passport
    • 2 photographs
    • Admission Letter
    • Transcript of academic records
    • Authentic proof that you have enough funds to support yourself while living and studying in the republic
  • Declaration of authenticity of documents submitted

Note that you will be required to have photocopies of all these documents, get proper insurance and pay an application fee of 60 Euros for the visa.

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Where and how to apply for a student visa?

To apply for a visa, you’ll be expected to apply at your home country’s nearest German Embassy. Except in rare circumstances where you’ll  have someone else submit a visa application and the required documents on your behalf. It is highly recommended that prospective students apply for a student visa well in advance before their departure  date because student visa application can take up to 25 processing days.

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