Free Tuition: University of Oslo, Norway

University of Oslo is one of the best free tuition universities found in Norway. It is was established sometime in 1811, it is currently the oldest institution in Norway and has graduated several excellent scholars from different countries since its founding. Also, it ranks very high, 3rd in Nordic countries and 58th globally according to Academic Ranking of World Universities. On top of that, it operates free tuition policy for both local and international students.

University of Oslo is home to roughly 28,000 students and 6,000 staff. These students and staff are located in various departments of study such as theology, law, medicine, humanities, mathematics, natural sciences, dentistry, social sciences, and education.

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University of Oslo Tuition Fees (Undergraduate and Graduate)

At University of Oslo, please note that no tuition fee is charged except small semester fee of  roughly NOK 600 (74 USD). However, you are still expected to finance living expenses during your time of study. If you do not have the finances, you can alternatively work 20 hours a week during school and 40 hours a week on holidays to help with finances. If you are a Ph.D student, there are fellowships available for you to finance your tertiary education.

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University of Oslo Application Procedure


In University of Oslo, all undergraduate programs are delivered in Norwegian language. You are free to apply to University of Oslo if you can prove your Norwegian Proficiency by taking an examination. If you are not good at it then you will not be eligible for admission. Please see Bachelor’s program for detailed info.


For masters programs, you will not be required to be fluent in Norwegian to be eligible. Why? There are several English Master’s programs available in this university, and you can see the complete lists in this link. Also, you are required to have IELTS or TOEFL scores, finances of 111,607 NOK ($14,100 USD), and other requirements. Please note that you will be able to work part-time to finance your study after you arrive in this university. For more information about this, visit Master’s Application Guide.


For Ph.D programs, you will be required to receive cash for living expenses through your personal money, a research fellow, or external funding. Note that the application procedure is uniquely different for each department, and you can access it through this link. But before you do, I do encourage you to read Before Applying Page.

Application Dates

  • Bachelor’s- I have reviewed the official scholarship website but it does not explicitly state the deadline, but I would believe that it would be the same as Master’s which is from October 1 to December 1.
  • Master’s- Note that the application opens in October 1 and closes in December 1.
  • Ph.D- The deadline varies across departments. Some are open the entire year, while a few have specific deadlines. To see the deadlines for particular department, please visit this link.

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