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Studying aboard is an opportunity no one would like to miss. It’s gives you opportunity to study away from home, meet and interact with people from different works of life, and sometimes it offers an opportunity for you to work after schooling.
Studying abroad in a low tuition university is an opportunity you should not miss!
Here are some low tuition universities with suitable environment for learning:
University of Copenhagen
Ranked as number one university in the country of Denmark, the University of Copenhagen is famous for their research fields. Students who graduated from the university has obtained several Nobel prizes for their achievements. Most courses are offered in English to the benefit of international students.
Tuition-free for students from the EU/EEA.
Tuition fees around 45,000 – 120,000 DKK per year (6,000 – 16,000 EUR) for students from other countries.
Denmark is a popular country for European students because it offers free tuition at high standards. Non-European international students pay up to 16,000 euros per year.

Jean Monnet University
This is another low tuition university in France for international students. It is a public university. Most courses are offered in English, making it suitable for international students.
Tuition-free for students from the EU/EEA
Tuition fees around 2,800 – 3,800 EUR per year for students from other countries. Aside from a negligible registration fee, most public universities in France do not charge any tuition fee from Europeans. Internationals pay relatively modest annual fees of ca. 2,800 EUR for Bachelors and 3,800 EUR for Masters.
Semmelweis University
Established as the oldest medical school in Hungary, the Semmelweis University is one of many medical institutions that are established in Hungary, and it is very friendly for international students. Programs are offered in Hungarian, English and German.
Tuition Fee
Tuition-free for students from the EU/EE
Tuition fees around 1,500 per year for other country: No tuition fees for Europeans, minimum tuition fees for non-Europeans and very low cost of living!

Brandon University
Brandon University , located in Canada , is yet another low tuition university. The university is well-known for providing a well-developed and friendly environment for international students. Also, Brandon university provides a whole of research opportunities and the ability of direct interaction with professors- a rare provision in some universities.
Tuition fee:
Undergraduate international students – $6,758 – $7,181 per year.
Graduate international students – $5,385 per year.
University of Sunderland
This is also a low tuition international- friendly university. It is located in London.
Annual international tuition fees: £10,500 (~US$13,440)
.Osaka University

Located in Japan, Osaka University is a popular destination for international students who wants to succeed . like many universities in Japan, Osaka university offers students the opportunity of graduating without debt through scholarships programs or working part-time- a rare opportunity ( if you ask me). Additionally, Osaka university, as with other Japan universities offer students to work with excellent companies in the country, since they have an internship agreement with these companies.
Tuition Fee:
Tuition Fee in Osaka university, Japan is made in two equal installments; the first semester (usually in the month of May) and the second semester(usually in the month of November).
Tuition Fee for undergraduate students per year- ¥535,800
Tuition Fee for undergraduate students per half year- ¥267,900
Tuition Fee for graduate students per year- ¥535,800
Tuition Fee Graduate student per half year- ¥267,900
Canadian University of Dubai
The University offers a number of degree programs, giving internationally quality and credibility. Canadian University of Dubai offers quality education but their cost is very low and in the range of middle man of Dubai. University offer many unique options for students wishing to study or research in Canada.
Tuition Fee
Canadian university of Dubai offers degree programs have low cost tuition fee that range from 57,000.00 to 67,500.00 (AED) per year. That is very low compared to other universities.

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