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Started off in the year 1885 as the Georgia school of Technology, the Georgia Institute of Technology first opened its doors to students on October 8 with the school of mechanical Engineering and three departments with only 129 students. With 15,142 enrolled undergraduates, Today the Georgia institute is a renowned public research University in, Georgia, Atlanta and the United states of America. She also has satellite campuses located in Georgia, Savannah, Metz in France, Shenzhen in China, Athlone in Ireland and Singapore.


Georgia institute is ranked the 7th best among public universities in America and the 66th in the whole world according to the US news and world report. The money magazine ranks the institute among the top 25 colleges that land a six figure career without a graduate school, while also rating her number 10 amongst great colleges for a business major.

Georgia tech’s course programs are all highly rated and here are some of them. Her Engineering has been number 1 for more than two decades. All ten of her undergraduate engineering course and all eleven graduate engineering programs are all in the top 10 subject ratings. Times Higher Education names her computer science program 5th best as the QS names her Architecture and built environment program the 28th best in the world.

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Online document submission is strongly advised.

The non-refundable undergraduate fee for application is $75 (foreign students: $85).

Undergraduate admission;

Applicants are to complete every admission-required subject sequence (mathematics, English, lab science) with 3.0 total GPA or more. Official results from all former schools or universities domestic/international are required.

Applicants can check the Transfer Application Checklist for more information in preparing a transfer application.

Applicants without a recognized diploma or result are expected to have a foreign credit evaluation submitted to the University from any professional internationalcredential evaluation service e.g world Education services, Josef Silny& Associates, et.c

The international credit evaluation should produce a complete subject-by-subject assessment and a grade point average (GPA) evaluation equal to the institutes system.

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MASTERS Admissions;

Applicants with Bsc with a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 3.25 out of 4.0 from a notable school of engineering can apply for admission.

Doctoral Admissions;

For Doctoral applicants with eitherBsc or Msc with a minimum grade point average of 3.5 out of 4.0 from a notable school of engineering are qualified to apply for admission.

Other Requirements

The GRE is required of all applicants. No applicant is exempted from this policy no matter the circumstances. All applicants are required to submit scores for the following parts: Verbal, Quantitative, and Analytical Writing. Your GRE test score is an essential part of your application, and you should do your best to obtain and submit the best possible scores. The average GRE scores for applicants, acceptable into their graduate system for fall 2016 under the previous grading system are as follow:

The Universities admission committee considers a lot of factors when making decisions: your academic performance at previous levels (GPAs), your GRE scores, Your letters of recommendation, amongst others. All these factors are vital, and your application will be stronger if you’re with a GRE scores above the average values.

INTERNATIONAL;With the exception of students from Canada or Bermuda, Foreign students are required to present a valid Foreign visa upon entry into the U.S. The visa is stamped into the passport by the U.S consulate or embassy

In general, applicants should be in the top 5 percent of their class in a recognized school of electrical and computer engineering

For applicants who are not from a U.S. school, or where English is not the native language, the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) will be needed with a General score of 550 (213 for computer-based tests).

There is a chance for financial assistance for students with an impressive academic record but it is not guaranteed. Therefore applicants who are not offered this assistance are required to submit financial statements that prove they have enough funds to go through with the program they applied for.

Admission for International Students;

A Scientific Writing for foreign Students class is arranged for the foreign doctoral students twice in a semester which is, during the spring and fall terms, so as to help them understand how writing is used in the schools culture.

International students are to submit a valid Foreign visa upon entering the U.S. The stamping of the visa is done by the U.S consulate or embassy and only students from Canada or Bermuda are exempted.

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TUITION FEES; THE TUITION FEES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE ANNUALLY .the flat-rates tuition is $10,106 for local applicants while international applicants are to pay $30,904.

Tuition per time is in-state out-state

6hrs or less $2.916 $8.903

6hrs or more $4.906 $15.002

Admission Periods;

Applicants for fall and spring/summer semesters are divided into two groups. Early action and regular action. If you’re applying for early action the deadline is November15 while regular is 1st March. Spring semester early action application ends on October 1 while regular ends on December 1 and for summer semester early action is February 1 while regular action ends by April 1st.


The following is an estimate of the cost of living on campus as a Georgia institute student.

Cost local students international

Tuition $10,106 $30,904

Books and stationary $800 $800

Mandatory student fees $2406 $2406

Undergraduate housing allowance $6683 $6683

Undergraduate meal plan allowance $4841 $4841

Personal expenses $3200 $3200

Loan costs $60 $60

Total in a year $28096 $48894

The Georgia institute of technology is a remarkable educational institution that has a proven track record of raising role models, leaders and great people for the betterment of the world. She’s renowned for her mind molding academic system that excites and challenges her students at the same time.

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