How To Get Canadian Tourist/Visitor’s Visa

Travel to Canada and coronavirus (COVID-19) | Moving2CanadaCanada is a desired destination for many. But getting a visitors/ tourist visa to Canada is not always easy. But it is definitely possible. In this article, you will find out some requirements you must meet to get a visitor/ tourist visa and how you can get a vistor/ tourist visa to Canada.

What is the Tourist/ Visitor Visa for Canada?

A visitor visa (also called a temporary resident visa) is an official document that shows that you meet the necessary requirements to enter the country.

The vast majority of travelers need a visitor visa to travel and live in Canada. It may even be the case that you need to obtain one of these visas if you are in transit through a Canadian airport on the way to your final destination.

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With this type of visa, as a general rule, you can stay in the country for up to six months. Upon your arrival, the border services officer can decide whether to grant you 6 months of stay or less – although this is not the case.

Tourist visa or eTA?

Before applying for a tourist or visitor visa for Canada, make sure you need one. You can check it through this link. Depending on your nationality and the document you are going to use to travel, two different possibilities may be given:

  • That you need a tourist or visitor visa.
  • That you need an electronic travel authorization or eTA.

Although both serve the same function, they are not exactly the same. You will have to spend a little more time if you want to apply for a tourist visa or Visitor Visa.

In the event that you only need an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA), you should not take out the tourist visa. This authorization will be electronically linked to your passport while you are in the country. Some of the countries that only require eTA are Spain, Chile and Mexico.

In case you need to obtain a tourist visa, the process will take you a little more time, but not too long either. You can do all the procedures online.

When you start doing the process online, the system will indicate if you need to present your fingerprints and photography or not. Depending on your country of origin, some requirements or others will be required. In addition, the confirmation time of the visa grant also varies depending on your nationality.

How much does the tourist visa for Canada cost?

If you want to get a tourist visa to enter Canada, you will have to pay from $ 100. Prices vary slightly depending on your country of origin.

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In the case of the Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) , the cost of the management is only 7 Canadian dollars and, in most cases, you will receive the approval notification in your email a few minutes after you finish the online process.


The normal thing is that they indicate in your passport the date on which you must leave the country.

What am I entitled to as a tourist in Canada?

  • Study up to a maximum of 6 months.
  • Traveling on business to the country.
  • Visit family and friends who live there.
  • Enter and leave the country without limit of movements.

Canadian Tourist Visa Requirements:

Who can apply for a tourist visa in Canada?

Some basic requirements must be met to obtain a visitor visa:

  • Have a valid travel document, such as a passport.
  • Be in good health.
  • Have no criminal or immigration-related convictions.
  • Convince an immigration officer that you have ties, such as a job, a house, financial assets, or family, that will take you back to your home country.
  • Convince an immigration officer who will leave Canada at the end of your visit.
  • Have enough money for your stay. The amount of money you will need will depend on how long you will stay and if you will stay in a hotel or with friends or family.
  • You may also need a medical examination and an invitation letter from someone who lives in Canada.


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How to apply for the tourist visa in Canada?

To manage your visa application the best option is to do all the online processing.

Why do we recommend that you do it over the Internet?


They receive your request automatically.

The processing time is much less than by mail.

Incomplete applications are returned. The online application helps ensure that your application is complete before submitting.

If they need to ask you for more documents, you can quickly send them online.

You can continuously keep track of the status of your application in your online account.

What Would You Do After Completing the Online Process?

You need to give your fingerprints and photo (biometrics), in most cases.

After paying the biometric fee and submitting the application, they will send you a letter informing you that you must provide your biometric details. The letter will indicate how and where you should give your biometric data. You may have up to 30 days to give your biometric data (photo and fingerprints), in person.

It is also possible that they may ask you to go to an interview with Canadian officials in your country of origin, to send additional information or to obtain a medical examination and / or a police certificate.

Most requests are resolved in a few weeks. Processing times depend on the visa office and if you need to take any additional steps.

If your application is approved, the visa will be stamped inside your passport.

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