How To Study in Sweden For Free

Studying in Sweden does not have to be expensive or financially stressful. If you do adequate research and seek the right info you will find that studying abroad could be very easy, and in many instances even free of charge! Though not every student can study for free in Sweden, in this article you will find out if it is possible for you, or what the tuition fees may be.

So who can study in Sweden for free?

If you’re a passport holder from a country of the EU/EEA or Switzerland, you are eligible to study in Sweden for free! If you are not from EU/EEA or Switzerland, unfortunately the cost is a bit higher: The Government of Sweden introduced tuition fees for all students from outside the EU/EEA and Switzerland, beginning in the autumn semester 2011. This policy made Sweden a much more expensive European destination for international students. Today, tuition costs range from 80,000 SEK  to 190, 000 SEK (around 8,000 – 19,000 euros) a year based on the program you pursue, and the rankings of the university that you are enrolled in. Undergraduate programs are generally offered at a much lower cost than the average master’s program. Even though this may come of as an expensive choice to some, students that study in Sweden can be assured of a high class education which will open up doors worldwide for an exciting career opportunities upon graduation.

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How can I get a scholarship to study in Sweden?

There are a couple of different ways that students can secure a scholarship to study in Sweden. You just have to look closely and research about these opportunities. The Swedish Institute (SI) has compiled a list of scholarships that are available for international students based on the subject you wish to study as well as your nationality.

Can I study in Sweden for free if I’m from Asia, Africa or outside Europe?

Yes, it’s possible! Although you are likely going to pay tuition fees for full degree programs, there is a way to circumvent paying the tuition fees: If you are presently enrolled in a school that is a partner university to any university in Sweden, you can take part in their study abroad exchange programs. For example, Lund University currently has over 600 partner universities across 70 countries worldwide. If you are a University student now and wish to study in Sweden, check with the international office at your university for more info!

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How expensive is it to live in Sweden?

Generally, the cost of living in Sweden varies based on where you live. If you choose to study at one of the schools in the country’s capital, Stockholm, be prepared to pay spend more than if you are studying in a smaller city like Borås. Around the country, the average monthly expenses are about 8,000 SEK (800 euros). The hardest part of studying in any of the big cities is finding housing. In some of the bigger cities, student housing options are limited; however, there are websites where you can find people who are willing to open their homes and apartments to share with other students within the same city. It’s very important to find such opportunities if you wish to save money while studying at a university in Sweden. When applying for a Bachelors or Masters programme in Sweden, immigration officers would require you to prove that you will be able to successfully finance yourself during the time that you will be living and studying in the country.

How easy is it to communicate with the locals?

Children in Sweden start learning English at a very young age of 7 years old. And all foreign movies and shows are shown in their original language with Swedish subtitles, meaning that Swedes get tremendous exposure to English almost daily. Nearly everyone you encounter will be able to speak English. However, if you wish to fully engage more people and the society at large, it is recommended that you take Swedish courses while studying if possible. And you can study these courses for free if you secure residency for the duration of your studies.

So here is a recap of things you need to do if you wish to study in Sweden; research thoroughly about the country and your preferred school and course first, start saving, and begin the hunt for an apartment as soon as you get the approval to relocate!

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