Korea University: Tuition Fees, Cost Of Living, Ranking & Acceptance Rate

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Korea University is a private university. The university was founded in 1905. For a decade now, the university has held on to its sole vision, which is, to educate younger generations and to train them to be highly capable in their chosen fields.The university still aims to be one of the great universities in the world.

The university has a very spacious campus environment.

Inside the majestic buildings of Korea University, students enjoy learning in comfortable, attractive classrooms and up-to-date, sophisticated laboratories.  Korea University also has  fully equipped computer centers  located all over campus.

Korea University encourages students to do research work and to be innovative.  Apart from the comfortable learning environment, there are more facilities to enhance students’ relaxation such as Central Plaza with restaurants, coffee shops, a book store, and study rooms.

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Korea University is located in South Korea. Let’s share six (6) reasons why you should study in South Korea.

Why Study in South Korea?

Here are a few reason why you should study in South Korea:

1.The Cost of Living in South Korea is Quite Cheap:

Cost of living here, refers to the cost of accommodation, transportation and food. For example, the cost of a ride with a taxi is roughly about ₩1150 that is, US$1,  per kilometre!

2 The education system in South Korea is excellent!.

The three largest world- recognized universities; Seoul National University, Korea University and Yonsei University are all in South Korea. Additionally, the universities in South Korea have highly- professional teachers.

  1. South Korea is the Home of Incredible foods

Every students’  foremost priorities when it comes to food is affordability, and taste. In South Korea, those priorities can be met without stress. Some tasty food in South Korea are:Naengmyeon also known as “Iced-Indomie”( suitable after hot day) , banana milk ( one of South Korea’s favorite beverages) ,

  1. Living in South Africa Affords You to The Opportunity to Travel

Due to the location of South Korea, travelling to other Asian countries like China and Japan is relatively easier and cheaper. is very well located.

  1. South Korea Has a High standard of living

It is a fact that South Korea is one of the world’s leading financial country and it is also Asia’s 4th largest economy.  These facts make it easier for South Korea to continue to increase in its economic growth inspite of recession. South Korea is indeed a place to live, study.

6.Most Korean students are very nice and welcoming. They are often willing to share their culture with international students.

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The university trains students on professional courses such as Law and  Medicine. Other courses include  Business Administration, Engineering, ighly regarded professional schools of Law, Medicine, Engineering, and Business Administration, Architectural, Biology, Communication Studies, Design, Journalism, Physics ,Political Science, Psychology, Public Administration, Sociology, Visual Art and others.

Korea university maintains  a well-equipped teaching hospital, Korea University Hospital. Korea University Hospital, provides excellent services to patients. The hospital also trains medical students to become professional doctors and nurses.

Korea University Ranking

Korea University is ranked #83 according to QS Global World Ranking.

According to World University Rankings, Korea University is ranked #237.

Tuition Fee For Korea University

An estimated tuition fee for Korea University is US$ 5,800 per semester.Korea University tuition Note: The above tuition fee depends on your choice of field and area of study.

Acceptance Rate:

The acceptance rate for udergraduate international students  is around 25% in Korea University.

Language Used For Teaching in Korea University

More than 40% of all courses  offered at Korea University are taught in English.



For an Accommodation in University – Dormitory: The estimated costs is between ₩320,000-₩1,075,00 ( that is, roughly equivalent to $300 – $1000) per semester

Note: Accommodation cost may vary depending on the number of persons sharing the dormitory and depending also on other services .

For a Private Accommodation: A private accommodation in form of a boarding house, for example, can cost as little as ₩800,000 (that is, $750) per month. In expensive areas, however, cost of housing could be ₩20,000,000 ( that is, $ 18,000) per month.

A meal in South Korea can cost as low as ₩2,600 (that is, $2.50) per month.

Admission Requirements

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The Following are some documents required to apply as a student in Korea University

  1. An international applicant would need a Visa for Regular Educational Program ( D-2)
  2. A valid passport
  3. Completed Visa Application
  4. A multiple-entry visa
  5. Confirmation of admission to program of study
  6. Certificate of education record and qualification
  7. Financial verification.

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