Lambton College Canada: Ranking, Tuition Fees &Admission Procedures

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Established in 1969, Lambton College is a College of Applied Arts and Technology at 1457 London Rd., Sarnia, ON N7S 6K4, Canada.
With about seven (7) campuses, the College offers qualitative apprenticeship skills and with over 90 courses of study spanning across Certificate, Degree and Diploma programs, the College aims at diversifying learning opportunities for its students.

Haven embraced the concept of Mobile Learning early enough, the
College through its Class + Experience program is causing a revolution in the learning environments through the usage of iPads to gain access to Softwares, e-texts and educational apps outside the conventional classroom setting.

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The College’s programs of study spans across part-time studies, academic upgrading, training and apprenticeship programs and is presently constituted of five (5) schools:
1. School of Online and Continuing Education.
2. School of Health and Community Services.
3. School of Fire Services.
4. School of Business and Creative Design.
5. School of Technology, Energy and Apprenticeship.

The College is now under the leadership of Judith Morris (President and CEO) and has its population at about: 3,500 full-time, 6,500 part-time, 500 International students (On-Campus), 3,500 International students (Off-Campus and 600 apprenticeship students).

In the Ontario College system, the College became the second College opened and during its commencement, it had a total enrollment of 45 students in the five programs available at the College at the time.

The Cornerstone of the College in form of a time capsule got dedicated on 4th June, 1970 and consisted of: stamps, coins, bill notes, the school’s seal, copy of the school’s charter, the 1970-71 calendar of the College and other items.

Wolfgang Franke, the pioneer President of the College commenced his duties on January 1967 with a salary of $18,000. The proposed first faculty tour of the original building of the College got delayed as the building housing the classrooms got locked and efforts to get it opened was futile as nobody had the key to the building but unknown to Ron Lawrence, a member of a Faculty in the College, his house key is the same as that of the building and so, could open the lock of the building.

”Homage”, a sculpture constructed by Haydn Davids, an artist, which was commissioned in the College in 1975 got destroyed thirty years later (2005) by the College and this act led to a controversial lawsuit which was later settled in 2010.

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According to the report of (The ranking website of Universities and Colleges), the Lambton College ranks as the 129th in Canada and the 8226nd in the World.

The College has lots of infrastructures which play key roles in the academic activities of the College. Among these infrastructures are:

1. Early Childhood Education Centre: This serves as a College-training institution being used by the Early Childhood Education program. The Centre billed to close on July, 2014 also houses a daycare building and the Ontario Early Years Centre.

2. The Skilled Trades Training Centre: The Centre is responsible for providing apprenticeship trainings and skilled trades to the students of the College.

3. The SPA: Serves as a full-service Spa and teaching facility to the students and managed by students of Esthetician and Hairstylist program of the College.

4. Sustainable Smart Home: A building valued at $1.2 million which is basically used for applied learning and researches.

5. The Fire and Public Safety Centre of Excellence: A two-storey building with classrooms, a five tower and a triple-truck bay and is reportedly worth $11 million.

6. Creations Fine Dining: Also serving as the centre for the Hospitality and Tourism Management and the Culinary Management programs of the College, the Creations Fine Dining also doubles as a restaurant in the campus.

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The College also offers International programs which commenced in 1996. The International studies program of the College has extended its campuses to Saudi Arabia, Nigeria and China and students’ enrollment for the program at the International campuses is about 3,500 and about 500 International students for ”On-courses” program.

Aside its International campuses, the College has two (2) main campuses: Sarnia and Toronto in Ontario, Canada.

The Fire and Public Safety Centre of Excellence is at the city and the Employment Learning Centre of the College is at Petrolia.

The Lambton College has many affiliations in pursuit of its academic standards, including:
1. Canadian Bureau for International Education (CBIE)
2. Canadian Collegiate/Colleges Athletic Association (CCAA)
3. Association of Canadian Community Colleges (ACCC)
4. Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada (AUCC).

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1. The Lambton College’s Mobile Learning platform has a ”Distinguished Program” by Apple Inc., as certification of its exemplary learning environment.

2. A report by ”Key Performance Indicator” x-rayed the chances of employment of the College’s graduates at about 89 percent.

3. The College’s Firefighter Combat Team remains one of the top competitors in the World sport haven claimed a World Championship title at the Annual Scott Firefit World Challenge in Las Vegas.

The College offers scholarships to its students including the Aboriginal Post-Secondary Education and Training Bursary for its students from: First Nations, Metis and Aboriginal.

The College has provisions for its students and presently has residential houses that accommodates about 300 students.
The students’ residence in the campus comprises of 140 shared rooms and each room in the residence comprises of: Two single beds, two desk chairs, a shared washroom and a general kitchen used by all students in the residence.
Also included in each room is a mini-fridge and a microwave in addition to Internet and phone connections provided to the students by the College.
A student lounge and a courtyard are also within the premises of the College.


Prospective International students seeking for admission in the College are to have the requirements for their desired course of study.
International students seeking for admissions into the Advanced Health Care Leadership program of the College are to have:

– A Bachelor’s degree from their country
– A Post-graduate certification of haven attended the program at the Lambton College
– A University degree in any health-related course.


– IELTS (International English Language Testing Score) of 6.5 percent
– IELTS of 6.0 percent and completion of the English for Academic Purposes 3106 (EAP 3106), preferably during the first term
– A passed Institute of English Placement Test (attained at Lambton).


The breakdown of the College’s tuition fees are below:

1. Registration fee: $129.36 (Non-refundable)
2. Student Activity fee: $68.95 per term
3. Athletic fee: $53.56 per term
4. Student Centre Building fee: $75.00
5. Health and Dental care fee: $198.11
6. Technology Access fee: $105.87 per term
7. Student Health fee: $33.44
8. Graduation fee: $65.56
9. Facilities fee: $43.75 (annually)
10. Student Card: $18.40
11. Transcript fee: $12 per transcript
12. International Students: The College charges an extra $4,299,35 per term in addition to the above for students who are not citizens of Canada.

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The Lambton College runs a trimester of:
Winter, Spring and Fall terms.

More information about the College is through:
Telephone: +15195427751.



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