List Of Best Universities In Turkey With Low Tuition Fees

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Turkey competes atop the list of the best places to study in the world. The European country doesn’t just pride itself in its international acclaims of being suitable for education but backs it up with an indeed solid educational system. The country invests heavily into equipping students with the right skills to thrive in the global world. It has a lot of universities all in compliance with its standard requirements. The Turkish landscape with its wonderful climate, people, beautifully distinct sceneries and foreigner friendliness fondly provides a memorable study experience for students, year in year out.

There are over 100 universities in Turkey. Of course, as in every other educational landscape, the quality of certain schools leaves similar institutions aspiring. The top  best universities you want to have as pride on your credentials are listed below. These schools have proven to be world-class in ramifications as excellent facilities, quality of learning, environment and a profile of renowned specialists in different fields as teachers. Five of these iconic universities are;

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  1. Sabanci University
  2. Koc University
  3. Bilkent University
  4. Bogazici University
  5. Hacettepe University

Sabanci University, for example, tops the list of best universities in Turkey and represents the basic characteristics you would constantly find in other Turkish universities. The university has not relented in its excellence strides. This accounts for its presence among the first 351-400 schools in the Times Higher Education University ranking.

The university admits students from all over the world and offers generous opportunities for scholarships. You will generally find Turkish schools having a diverse selection of students from different races and cultural backgrounds. Sabanci well exemplifies this trait common with Turkish schools. Apart from a solid academic experience, you get to experience what the world feels like from other cultural standpoints.

Sabanci has always maintained its title of the most innovative school in Turkey. It has the most advanced Nanotechnology in turkey, diverse and well-equipped laboratories and research centers.  The university’s academic profile cuts across both popular and budding disciplines in Arts, Science and Technology. The program runs in English and you never have to worry about language being a barrier.

Koc University in Turkey ranks 401 according to Times Higher Education ranking. Bilkent University ranks 501 and on the US. News and World Report ranks 531. Bogazici University ranks 501 also in the Times higher education ranking and Hacettepe, 501 also on the same ranking. Considering the number of universities in the world, these figures are impressive. And revealing of the quality you stand a chance of gaining in these schools.

The schools are open to eligible students from different nationalities. They are not complicated and daunting as you would expect for universities of their caliber. They have their realistic admission requirements which several aspiring students meet every year.


Requirements for undergraduate or postgraduate programs depend on the exact university you have chosen. This is not to infer that certain requirements are not common to all schools. For your undergraduate application, requirements will typically look like;

  • Application form
  • High school diploma
  • Transcript
  • TOEFL or other language proficiency tests as demanded by the university
  • Motivation letter
  • Proof of financial credibility

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Having satisfied these conditions, your admission for an undergraduate program in any Turkish school is looking up. These requirements also extend to postgraduate studies expressed in different terms. A list of boxes to check for a postgraduate program for any university in turkey will look like;


  • Application form
  • Up to date CV
  • Bachelors or Masters degree
  • TOEFL or University tests on Arrival
  • Academic Transcript
  • Financial statement to guarantee you can support yourself
  • Reference letters
  • Motivation or statement of purpose
  • Graduate exam performance record (GRE or GMAT)
  • Exams and Interviews

There are the fall and spring semesters in Turkey. The academic year begins in September and ends in June the following year. The universities based on their notoriety for quality education are highly competitive. The worthy news is that most of these schools offer admission on a first come first serve basis. They preserve their reputation for effective learning by admitting only a certain number of students every year. This is a pointer to the fact that you need to hasten up and apply early to your Turkish school of choice.

The tuition fees in Turkey are not astronomical or monstrous and there are arrangements as scholarships and waivers to ease financing for students. Private Universities set their figures high unlike public schools. For public universities, English programs usually range from $600 to over $1000 annually. If you want to experience a great deduction on this tuition fee, you have to spend some time, maybe months acquiring the Turkish language. For some reasons, the same program that cost you up to a thousand dollars in English cost way less when taken in Turkish. Typically, programs in Turkish range from a couple of hundred dollars to nearly a thousand in public schools.


Although international students in turkey are not legally permitted to work, the cost of living in Turkey remains relatively cheap. It is said to be over 50% lower than in the United States. It is, in fact, more reasonable and affordable than in some neighboring European countries. For as little as $0.47, you can board a taxi in Turkey. Averagely, as a student, $400-$500 will ensure you have a decent lifestyle monthly with ideal meals, a nice apartment, transportation, and clothing covered.

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Turkey remains a nation to reckon with in terms of progressiveness in educational structure. Its institutions confidently rival other established educational institutions in other nations of the world. Turkey is mostly set apart by its wonderful climate, interesting culture, diverse populace, accommodating people and its grandly aesthetic landscape. Students are assured of learning that has a lifelong impact, a global significance and a social experience instilling the values necessary to thrive in the larger world.

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