List of Easy Degrees that Pay Well

More often than not, what we think is an easy degree turns out to be different from what we consider to be easy, the average GPA for students in these fields of study are usually a B average or higher.T

Thanks to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, we’ve put together  a list of careers and the degrees necessary to get into these fields.

Careers Median Annual Wage What is the Required Degree? 
Computer and Information Systems Managerial role $139,220 Bachelor’s in Information Science
Advertising, Promotions, and Marketing Managerial role  $129,380 Bachelor’s in Marketing or Business
Financial Managerial roles $125,080 Bachelor’s in Business (or related)
Compensation and Benefits Managers $119,120 Bachelor’s in Business (or related)
Human Resources Managerial jobs $110,120 Bachelor’s in Business (or related)
Top Executive positions $104,700 Bachelor’s in Business (or related)
Software Developer jobs $103,560 Bachelor’s in Computer or Information Science
Information Security Analysts $95,510 Bachelor’s in Computer or Information Science
Administrative Services Managers $94,020 Bachelor’s in Business (or related)
Construction Managers $91,370 Bachelor’s in Business (or related)
Management Analysts $82,450 Bachelor’s in Business (or related)
Emergency Management Directors $72,760 Bachelor’s in Business (or related)
Accountants and Auditors $69,350 Bachelor’s in Accounting or Business
Social and Community Service Managers $64,100 Bachelor’s in Human Services or related
Market Research Analysts $63,230 Bachelor’s in Marketing or Business
Secondary school teachers $57,200 Bachelor’s in Education
Middle school teachers $55,860 Bachelor’s in Education
Career/technical education teachers, middle school $55,190 Bachelor’s in Education
Elementary school teaching jobs $54,890 Bachelor’s in Education
Kindergarten teacher roles $51,640 Bachelor’s in Education
Health Educators and Community Health Worker jobs $45,360 Bachelor’s in Human Services or related
Preschool teacher roles  $28,570 Bachelor’s in Education

Note that the Salary data shown herein is provided by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. You’ll find the median pay for each occupation as listed. Median wage data was collected from the BLS Occupational Employment Statistics survey.

Associate’s Degree

Did you know by earning a professional associate degree, you could change and improve your life course in two years or less? 

Simply put, an associate degree will enable you to the following:

  • Get a degree faster
  • Pay less in tuition / Spend less in college debt
  • Earn more money as opposed to doing so with a high school diploma
  • Transfer easily to a 4-year program if you choose to. 

While the salary potential is an important factor, it’s one that matters to many people. According to the  BLS, individuals who earned associate degrees got a median of $836 every week, on the contrary, those with just a high school diploma got about $712 per week.

So the question is what are some of the best picks for easy associate degrees? The top picks are business, accounting and criminal justice to mention a few. These fields are all promising with great potential, growing fields that’ll help you earn well, and research has it that most students who select these majors turn out well. 

Simply put, it’s easy to do well in any of these fields, but which field is the best for you will depend largely on your interests and strengths.

Bachelor’s Degrees

The truth is that getting a Bachelor’s degree can open plenty of doors to several  career options, and help you make tons of money than you could have managed. 

Using data from  CollegeBoard, bachelor’s degree recipients can earn roughly 66% more during a 40-year career period than most high school graduates earn over that same period.

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What this means is that choosing a bachelor degree can help you move quickly through school and get firmly rooted in your career field quickly!

Inorder to choose an easy bachelor’s program, you will have to take into consideration your personality, interests and academic abilities. If you love working with people or kids , you should go for  Education, Counseling or Management, to provide a bit of context. If you are great with words, English or Journalism would definitely be easy degrees for you to choose. And you are good with numbers, you’ll definitely succeed with accounting.

It’s super important to know which bachelor degree courses are easy for students, but do well to think about what would be easy for you as a person!

Master’s Degree

A student with a master’s degree is billed to earn more than someone with just an undergraduate degree, but how much they earn will depend largely on the program.

Recent studies by Forbes evaluated full-time MBA students’ salaries per year prior to starting the course, shortly after graduating, and five years later. Upon graduation,it was observed that MBA students earned around 50% more than they had prior to going for an MBA program, and five years later their median salary was up 80% from that. To provide context, if a student earned $50,000 per year before starting the course, it was observed that he or she earned $75,000 after getting an MBA, and about $15,000 three – five years later.

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If you’re worried about how you can earn a second degree while still working and attending to key responsibilities such as looking after a family, do well to search for easy master’s degrees online. Online programs typically offer applicants the same world class education, but with a great deal of flexibility. On top of that,you can complete many programs in a short while, say one year!

As you may already know, a master’s degree course completed online can help get you a promotion or assist you in getting a better job, so it goes beyond saying that an MBA is an excellent investment in your future.

Doctorate Programs

A doctoral degree, as you already know is the highest academic degree, and as such, it will really give you the edge above all other candidates and open new opportunities for you professionally.

If you’re searching for flexible and easy doctoral programs, search for those that offer no dissertation courses. A doctoral dissertation is basically a substantial paper (example: loads of pages long, which takes upto 6 years to finish) that is asked for at the end of most doctoral courses. Interestingly, a good number of universities are allowing students to complete capstone or consulting projects instead of dissertation papers/research.  Alternatives such as this can take a great deal of weight off your shoulders, and make your doctorate course much more enjoyable and easier.

In addition, there are accelerated easy and flexible online doctoral courses, which can be completed under 24 months.What this means is that you will need to be a full-time student, working super hard, but you will earn your doctoral degree in no time and get that coveted corporate promotion or new position in a short while!

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