Many Students have thought about this question at least once as they are about to graduate from their undergraduate programme. “How can I finance my Master’s degree education? Or What is the best place to pursue a Master’s degree programme?”

Well, there is some good news for you. There are many free tuition study opportunities for undergraduates seeking to go a step higher on the educational ladder by obtaining a master’s degree in their field of study.These opportunities are available both at local and international levels, so you can now take advantage of the numerous masters’ scholarships and free tuition university opportunities to fulfill your academic dreams. Check out and apply to any of these ongoing scholarship opportunities;

UNIL Master’s Grants in Switzerland for Foreign Students

University of Lausanne

Deadline: 1 Nov 2019 (annual)

Study in: Switzerland

University of Sydney International Scholarships (USydIS)

University of Sydney 

Masters/PhD Degree

Deadline: admissions deadline

Study in:  Australia


Wellcome Master’s Fellowships in Public Health and Tropical Medicine Wellcome

Masters/PhD Degree

Deadline: 30 Aug 2019 (annual)

Study in: any Country/developing country


Rhodes Global Scholarships

Rhodes Scholarship Fund

Masters/PhD Degree

Deadline: 31 July 2019 (annual)

Study in: UK

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Australian Government Research Training Program (AGRTP) International Scholarships 

Flinders University

Masters/PhD Degree

Deadline: 9 Aug 2019 (annual)

Study in: Australia

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DAAD Scholarships in Germany for Development-Related Postgraduate Courses DAAD

Masters/PhD Degree

Deadline: Aug-Oct 2019 (annual)

Study in:  Germany

ADB-Japan Scholarship Program for Developing Countries (Asia & Pacific)

ADB/Japan Government

Masters Degree

Deadline: varies

Study in:  Asia, Australia, NZ

DRD Scholarships for Sub-Saharan Africans


Masters/PhD Degree

Deadline: 30 June/30 Nov 2019 (annual)

Study in:  South Africa/Germany

How to win a Masters Scholarships as an International Student:

To win a Scholarship to cover your Masters degree, you must first attain a Bachelor’s degree in an accredited University in your home country or abroad. Then follow the procedure enlisted below:

  • Make sure you get info about latest Masters Scholarship information from websites or Agencies that issue scholarships.
  • Make sure you are eligible to apply. 
  • Consult or connect with any of the Scholarship Alumnus
  • Apply early, or at least one month before Deadline
  • Be concise with your applications, and essays
  • Spellcheck your words and phrases.
  • Get a Copy of your submitted Application.

Carefully proofread your application, follow the procedures and avoid making any errors. If you follow these simple steps and apply to the right scholarships for your choice of study, you will greatly increase your chances of getting a master’s scholarship. 

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