List of Best Medical Universities in Turkey

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The best universities in Turkey offering medical courses have shown great strength in training students on a variety of medical and biomedical courses. These include anesthesia, cardiology, general and internal medicine, radiology ,surgery, gastroenterology, obstetrics, ophthalmology, and so on.

Before we consider a list of medical universities in Turkey, let’s wet your appetite with some reasons why you should study in Turkey in the first place.

Some Reasons Why You should Study in Turkey:

  1. Studying medicine in Turkey offers you the opportunity to meet people of diverse cultures- patients from all over the world visit Turkey for health examination and for other health reason such as cosmetic surgery.

2.Turkey Universities have more world class laboratories , latest technological advancements , a Studying in turkey will give you the access to world class laboratories, latest technological advancements, provide a more conducive environment for learning and socializing.

  1. More interestingly, medical universities in Turkey are cheaper compared to medical universities in other countries. The fees in  some medical private universities in Turkey range from 10,000$ -25,000$.

Now, here are a list of medical universities in Turkey:


  1. Hacettepe University:

Although, this list of medical universities, is not listed in order of ranking, I decided to list Hacettepe University first. Based on academic performance, it ranks First among Turkish universities. Hacettepe University is a major state university in Ankara,Turkey. This medical university in Turkey is a research-oriented university committed to the promotion of excellence in education in line with universal values. Their mission is to educate and develop students as individuals equipped with quality and depth of provisions in all fields of science.

  1. Istanbul University:

Istanbul University is one of the prominent medical universities in Turkey.It has high- speaking English population of students. The cost education in Istanbul University is lower compared to its counterparts.The faculty of Istanbul University is categorized into : Cerrahpassa Faculty of medicine, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Faculty of Dentistry,  Faculty of Health Sciences, Faculty of Pharmacy, Faculty of Sciences and Istanbul Faculty of Medicine amongst many others.

  1. Gazi university:

Gazi  university is a public University located in the city of Ankara, Turkey. It is one of the oldest universities in Turkey. Gazi university has 21 faculties including Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Health Sciences. Gazi University teach students with highly digitalized systems.They have conducive classrooms and practical rooms conducive for learning.

  1. Koç University:

Koç University is a private university which offers a world class educational experience. Koç University is located in Istanbul, Turkey. It was the highest ranking university in Turkey based on Times Higher Education rankings. Koç University consists of colleges of nursing and medicine amongst others.

  1. Ankara University:

Ankara University is located in the capital  city of Turkey. It was the first  established in Turkey after the formation of the republic.

Ankara University has 40 vocational programs, 120 undergraduate programs and 110 graduate programs. It consists of Faculty of Applied Sciences, Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of sciences, The School of Pharmacy, The School of Dentistry among so many others. Ankara University Faculty of Medicine is ranked third among medical facilities in Turkey.

  1. Marmara University

Faculty of Medicine has succeeded in being one of the first, and the only University in Istanbul to be nationally accredited as having fulfilled about 70 of the criteria required to meet international standards in medical education. It has become our tradition to be constantly aware of and to adapt to new developments and changes in the medical field.

The University’s mission is to work towards designing the future. Hence, they have sophisticated medical facilities and medical apparatus for medical students.

Among other faculties, Marmara faculty consist of faculty of Pharmacy, Faculty of Dentistry, Faculty of Health Education and Faculty of Medicine.

With the above information on lists of medical universities, why not consider schooling in Turkey and experience the benefits yourself.






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