List Of Top Universities In Melbourne For International Students

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Melbourne is the capital of Victoria and Australia’s second largest city. It was confirmed to be considered as one of the most immigrant -friendly cities across the world which makes it easier for foreign and international students to study there. The friendliness, interesting lifestyle and lively culture of the local people makes Melbourne counted amongst the best student cities in Australia.

As a a result of the friendly and conducive environment of Melbourne for students, there are many universities and colleges situated in this city. Therefore, it might be a tough decision in selecting a good and  standard university among the numerous universities in Melbourne. But, fear not becaus here are listed  the Top and best  universities in Melbourne.


University of Melbourne is the first university in Victoria and the oldest in Australia, it was also ranked among the first universties in Australia. It was established in 1853.

The academic programs offered by the university is well structured and designed in a unique and excellent way that aids the student to acquire enough knowledge and master  practical application power. There  are 10 distinct academic units and the university  is associated with many institutes and research centres.

University of Melbourne has around 65,000 students which includes 30,000 international students from all ove the globe.

Tuition fee: Domestic – 9,050 AUD

International – 39,168 AUD

Motto: Postera crescam laude ( “May I grow in the esteem of future generations”).

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Monash university was established  in 1958. Interestingly,  it was named after Sir John Monash. It is one of the second indigenous university in Victoria state. The activities of the institution is based on Pubic research.

The university has 10 faculties in which there are over 150 fields of research in different areas such as additive manufacturing, domestic violence, substainable design, drug development and others.

The university is partnered with over 100 institutions world wide. Even, the university has a few research institute in countries like Italy, India and China. Monash university  has more than 46 thousand undergraduates and 13 thousand post graduates. The discovery of Relenza(anti-influenza) and the development of an anti-malaria drug are part of the significant achievement made by Monash university.

Motto : Ancora Imparo (“I am still learning “).

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 Deakin university was founded in 1974, it was named after Alfred Deakin,the second prime minister of Australia.   The university is famous for its innovative and visionary tactics  towards academic success.

It is ranked as one of Australia largest university, moreover, it is ranked among the top 50 young universties in the world. There are 4 faculties within the university which includes :

1) Faculty of arts and education

2) Faculty of health

3) Faculty of business and law

4) Faculty of science and technology.

The university provides over hundred courses such as Economics, Communication and media studies , Sociology, Law, Politics, Accounting, Theology, Philosophy and others. Over 13000 students study online. Deakin university gives student a flexible study plan.




La trobe university was established in 1967,being the third founded university in the state of Victoria and the twelfth in Australia. It is ranked among the world’s top research universities and one of the leading universities in Australia.

The university is famous for its world- class teaching and research facilities. Moreover, it focuses on product development and innovations, in collaboration with industries, institutions and government organizations.

La trobe university is the largest metropolitan campus in Australia with over 267 hectares,  accommodating over 36,000 students with 7000 international students from 110 countries.

Motto: Qui cherche trouve. ( “Whoever seeks shall find”).



RMIT UNIVERSITY ( Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology)

The Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology  popularly known as RMIT UNIVERSITY was founded in 1887 by Francis Ormond in Melbourne, Australia. In 1992,the university was amalgamated with Philip Institute of technology.

RMIT university is Public research institute and known globally for its amazing technology design and enterprise. The university is famous for its excellent vocational and professional education. It is ranked 17th globally in the field of art and design subjects.

Furthermore, the university  provides both vocational and higher education, admitting thousands of student which makes it one of the biggest Dual-sector education provider.

The university has about 87,465 students and 1,438 as Doctoral students.

Motto: Perita manus mens exculta ( “A skilled hand and cultivated mind”).

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Swinburne university of technology formerly known as Eastern suburbs technical college was established in 1908 and receive its official university status in 1992. The university is one of the leading public universities in Australia providing quality and standard education in different disciplines such as computer science, physics, information and communication, engineering, design and innovation. It is also recgonised and respected globally for its high quality research and effective teaching method.

Swinburne university is the firs university in Victoria state to create its own law school which enable student to complete their legal practical training.

Motto: Factum per Litteras (” Achievement through learning “).

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Victoria university ( VU) is a public university and one of Australia’s few universities to give students the privilege to choose between vocational education and training or undergraduate and post-graduate courses also known as Dual sector university. Victoria university was accredited as a university in 1991,though it has been existing since 1916..

The university is located in Melbourne, Victoria. It accommodates around 11,200 international students from over 100 different countries. It comprises of seven colleges which includes Arts and education; Engineering and science; Law and justice ; Business; Health and bio-medicine; Sports and exercise science.

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There are numerous universities in Melbourne in which you have to make a proper findings and assurance before selecting one but the Top universities in Melbourne have been listed above. This universities are highly ranked according to their achievement and relevance.

Finally, Melbourne  being a vibrant city and  conducive environment for students will also serve as a side attraction for international students to study conveniently among any of the above mentioned universities.


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