Low Tuition: List Of Universities Turkey, Tuition Fees and Admission Procedure

Turkey is located in the continent of Europe, having it capital city as Ankara. It is officially known as the Republic of Turkey. It is Located across the Europe and Asia continent and predominantly occupied by the Muslims. They have their official language to be Turkish, along side several other languages such as Zaza, Arabic, Kurdish, Laz.

Historically, they were originally referred to as Anatolia until when the seljuk Turks moved into the area in the 11th century after which they conquered a Battle at Manzikeit defeating a party of Christians which led to the beginning of the Turkish domination. After several conquest and development, turkey became a member of the UN in 1945. Their currency is called Turkish lira.

The climate in turkey varies from time to time. It could be warm, dry, summer, rainy sometimes experiencing winter depending on the region.

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For several valuable reasons, Turkey has a wide varieties of courses to study and excellent career opportunities that accommodates both international and Local students interest. There are several high rank universities present with several notable academic achievements that can boost your morale and would make you want to study in this country in addition to several other reasons as detailed below:

  • English language are commonly use to teach at the Universities helping those whose native languages is English to communicate effectively, as well as accommodating those who intend to learn the language.
  • The Quality of education provided at turkey is very sound. That is, they ensure expertise at there various departments, alongside substantial teachings with a highly recognize Certificate that you can be proud of anywhere in the world.
  • The cost of living most especially for student is average. It is very convenient for them to provide for themselves and live independently.
  • Turkey has a dynamic state of Economics that make it easy for their needs to be met
  • There are several grants, financial aid and scholarships awarded to anyone in need of financial aid or who has passed the terms and condition.
  • Turkey has lots of tourist attractions and natural endowment. Aside from Academic advantage, you are giving the opportunity to explore the territory and beauty of the land.
  • The universities are located strategically providing a very conducive environment for learning.
  • Great and heterogeneous culture among the Turkish people which include nice cuisine and very hospitable people especially to foreigners. The country is referred to as home away from home.
  • The process of registration is very easy. The visa application are always positive. After which you can apply for residency with ease.
  • There are lots of extra curricular activities engaging students to develop in all aspect.

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Country Ranking: 1

World Ranking: 534

Established in 1956 has become one of the best technical public university located at Ankara, Turkey. They have several life changing principles which they work with that has ascribed to them prestige and glory. The language of teaching is English making the environment conducive for English speaking international students. Yearly, thousand of people are admitted to institutions from all round the world. They strive to maintain a high standard of education by international standards as they put in there best to ensure the best of skills and knowledge are impacted on the students.


Country Ranking:2

World Ranking: 594

This university is very good for those who intend pursuing a career in Engineering and Architecture. One of the oldest Technical University located at Turkey Instabul, they have several notable achievements in terms of sciences. There alumni has contributed to the glory of the university till date.


Country Ranking: 3

World Ranking: 648

Bogazici university located at instabul is widely acknowledge for it success in various research endeavors. In addition, it has the highest number of applicant yearly and is widely competitive. This university formally known as Robert College and Also refereed to as Bosphorus University was established by a wealthy philanthropist in 1863. The school has 6 campus with several Notable Alumni.


Country Ranking: 4

World Ranking: 762

Bilkent university is the first private university in Turkey. Known for it several awards and achievement has gained international recognition and attention. The students are well imparted, the environment very conducive for learning, and several others extra activities for mental development.


Country Ranking: 5

World Ranking: 768

This is one of the notable University in Turkey known to have the largest university library in Turkey. Each department are made to study a professional foreign language adding additional value for them. The location is also very unique as it is located in a unique city with lots of Historical assets and National treasure.


  1. Find a suitable degree program of your choice. Better Still go on-line to search for a university of your choice.
  2. Submit your application on-line alongside several other required documents and certificates at the school website.
  3. If you have Been successfully admitted to study confirm your decision after they have sent you the acceptance document.
  4. Get ready for a life time experience.

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Application to study in Turkey are always running especially during Academic sessions. You can go on-line to check the application status to see the Academic session calender of it has begun or at the end so as to enable you decide on when to submit your application. You can also visit the school website for further details.


The process is so easy and convenient especially if you have Access to the Internet. Institutions have the early deadline and the late deadlines so ensure you finish everything about the application process before the deadline or your admission will be affected.


This is a very important aspect of all. Expect to receive the very best of hospitality from the Turkish people. Also you will receive the best of academic achievement with a high class certificate alongside. In addition to receiving permanent residency if you desire it. As a matter of fact, you are going to enjoy the experience in a whole new level that you would invite anyone you love alongside to choose to come study at Turkey.


Turkey remains one of the best place to study in the world. Everyone is welcomed to study at any of the institutions and register your desired course of study. Their quality of education is no doubt very substantial as reflected in the world university ranking.

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