Low Tuition Universities in USA

For some persons , the dream of studying in USA can never be a reality and for many reasons. For example some think that the Universities in USA are more expensive. Well, this article would correct such thoughts. We will discuss 5 Universities in USA with low tuition fee. But first let’s consider why you should Study in USA.
1. Universities in USA offers flexible options to students according to their study needs and interest. For example,at undergraduate level, students are allowed to choose different courses before they declare their choice for major, usually at the end of second year. This opportunity allows students and options to explore their interest. Then at graduate level, students are allowed to ‘customize’ their course according to their coursework to fit their academic goals.
2. Campus life in USA universities affords students freedom, fun and many opportunities. Studying in USA can give you opportunities to know and learn about other cultures and sharing your culture with your international friends.
Campus and College life in USA universities does not encourage only going for classes and tutorials. Students are encouraged to participate in other extracurricular activities. You can choose to unleash the creativity in you by joining a pottery class, you can join a dance club and other fun activities of your choice.

3. USA universities welcomes international students. Hence, you will have the opportunity to meet and interact with different students from different countries. During your stay in USA you may also gain essential life skills such as communication and social skills.
Now let’s get started with some low tuition universities in USA!

Low Tuition Universities in USA

1. The City University of New York – CUNY
The City University of New York is the largest urban university system in the United States. CUNY is a public university system in New York City that includes 26 individual institutions, where students can learn from award-winning faculty. Among those institutions are City College of New York , Hunter College, Brooklyn College , Baruch College, and more.
Tuition Fee for The City University of New York:
The annual tuition fee for international students is $17,40

2. University of the People
This is goodnews for those who studying online: University of the People is the very first nonprofit, tuition-free university , American- accredited online university in the world! The University of the People has qualified online instructors and models that pays attention each students’ personal needs. By studying in the University of the People, students can study anytime and anywhere – even on the road!
Although the university does not charge for teaching or instruction, the university charges a $ 60 application fee and $100 for an assessment fee per course completed.
3. South Texas College
Established in 1993, South Texas College offers both undergraduate degree and certificate programs. The university allows not more than 25 students to 1 teacher , creating cross- disciplinary learning experiences.
Annual tuition for students:
Tuition undergraduate tuition fees of South Texas College are $3,780 for Texas residents and $4,080 for international students.

4. California State University, Long Beach

The university offers a variety of study science- concentrated pograms such as Chemistry, Astronomy , Environmental science and more. It offers liberal arts such as mathematics, han services and engineering also art programs like theater , film ,dance , music and design.
Annual tuition for international students is $8,151
4. Alcorn State University in Mississippi

Alcorn University was founded in 1871 in Claiborne County, Mississippi. Today, it offers more than 50 degree programs to over 4,000 students with diverse ethnic backgrounds.Alcorn State University can boast of training students who have become influential men and women in the world as Michael Clarke Ducan,an award winning American actor, Alexander Murray Palmer Haley was an American writer and a lot others.

Annual tuition for international students: $6,888.

5.Minot State University in North Dakota

Minot State University was founded in 1913. It is situated in Minot, North Dakota.Minot The University ensures that their qualified teachers give proper attention to each student. To do that the University encourages student-teacher ratio of 14:1.
At Minot State University, students can choose from 60 undergraduate programs – as varying as information systems, science, social work, education, finance and criminal justice.
Annual tuition for international students: $6,809
Annual costs include tuition charges of $910 per year for Massachusetts residents.

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