Lund University, Sweden: Ranking, Location Plus Admission Requirements

Lund University Lund university is one of the world’s best research institutions located in Lund city in Sweden. Through offering a very wide range of courses and programs and devotion to researches for scientific innovations and networking, Lund University has risen to become one of the best universities in the world.


The city of Lund has always been a learning center. Sweden conquered Scania from Denmark in the year 1658 in the Treaty of Roskilde. after that, Lund university which was as at then named Academia Carolina after Charles X Gustav of Sweden was founded in 1666 as a way of educating the Swedish teachers and help the Scania region easily blend into the Swedish culture. Theuniversity was later renamed the University of Lund in the later part of the 19thcentury.


LundUniversity always ranks among the top 100 around the entire globe. The University is the 60th in the world according to QS World University Rankings in 2014/2015, 90th in the world by the Times Higher Education World University Rankings in 2015 and currently ranked as the 65th in the world in the Leiden Ranking 2019.

The university is also placed at Top1 in Natural Sciences, Mathematics and Statistics in the list of top Universities created by the National Secretary of Higher Education, Science, Technology and Innovation. She is also at the Top 3 in the same list in the Information, Technology and Communication and Engineering, Manufacturing and Construction fields.

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Lund University has four campuses with the main campus located in Lund. The city of Lund is about an hour from Denmark’s capital, Copenhagen. The city,which is full of energy and busy with student and academic activities is enterprising, has lots of innovations and a pleasant historical city centre.Lund is also very peaceful, has a great health care system and can easily be accessed from other cities.

Two other campuses are located in Helsingborg, Malmo,withan international school of aviation basedin Ljungbyhed.

The Helsingborg campus houses the Department of Communication Studies, Faculty of Engineering, Department of Service Management and the School of Social Work. This campus is about 30 minutes’ train ride to Lund and a walking distance from the railway station.

The Malmo campus is where you find the university’s Faculty of Fine and Performing Arts which comprises of the Malmo Academy of Music, the Malmo Theatre Academy and the Malmo Art Academy. Malmo, which is the third largest city in Sweden, is very lively with lots of students and staff who live there and increase the activities in this city. It will take just 20 minutes to get to Malmo from Copenhagen Airport and 10 minutes to get to Lund by train.

TheLjungbyhed campus is the home of Lund University’s School of Aviation (LUSA) which is one of the few higher educations in aviation in universities. It takes about an hourto drive from the north of Lund to this city.

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Student And Staff Population

The University is populated with over 40,000 students and about 20% of them are international students. Some of these students are working hard pursuing different academic programs as undergraduates, master’s program, research students and lots more.

There are about 4,560 academic and research staff, 840 professors and 2,780 administrative and technical staff who are busy working with these students and giving the necessary support and guidance to ensure they get the best academic experience.

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Academic Programs

Lund university, offers internationally recognized degrees in wide range of courses in bachelor’s or post graduate studies. Listed below are the nine Bachelor’s degree programs they offer;

  • Economy and society
  • Biomedicine
  • Fine arts
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Development studies
  • International business
  • Music – performing program
  • Physical geography and ecosystem science

At the Master’s level, the University offers more than 100 degree programs which are taught in English. This gives a student more than enough options to choose.


The payment voucher is distributed at the end of an academic session and students are required to pay before the commencement of a new session. The tuition fee varies according to the program and department. Nevertheless, the average tuition fee for undergraduates is SEK 100,000 per year and SEK 120,000 – 130,000 per year for postgraduates.

Students who are citizens of countries in European Union (EU), European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland are exempted by the university from paying tuition fees.

Admission Requirements

There are good chances of getting admission to study at the Lund university if you met these basic requirements. The requirements for international students who wish to apply for bachelor’s degree studies are;

  • secondary school certificate which shows successful completion of upper secondary education and can grant the students admission into their country’s university.
  • TOEFL or IELTS test scores to show ability to show ability to speak English
  • A passport photograph

Students applying for postgraduate studies are to provide;

  • A bachelor’s degree certificate awarded by a university that is recognized internationally.
  • TOEFL, IELTS or an equivalent test score to prove ability to write and speak English

Applicants are also advised to check the university’s website for any specific requirement for their country.

Admission Deadline

Lund university runs two semesters in an academic year; autumn semester and spring semester. Students should apply on the following dates:

  • For studies that will begin in the autumn semester(August/September), mid-October to 15 January although, some programs are available only from December 1.
  • For studies that will begin in the spring semester (January), early June to 15 August.

Cost of Living

The cost of living usually depends on individual’s lifestyle. Living in Lund is will cost a single person about 9,600 SEK per month. Here is the breakdown:

Accommodation 3,200-4,800
Food 2,300
Materials for study 400-1000
Miscellaneous 1,500


The Lund university only gives accommodation to some international students. If you do not have this housing guarantee from the university, then you can easily apply for accommodation through LU and other accommodation searching agencies like and AF Bostader and they will help you secure accommodation.

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Lund university offers you the opportunity to adequately prepare yourself to soar and achieve you dreams in your career. You are assured of a calm, beautiful and convenient environment for a balanced academic and social life as you build your future in this great institution of learning.


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