Singapore Education Cost and Living Expenses: Everything to Know about Singapore

As a world leader in research and innovation, ‘Singapore’ is regarded as the safest country in Southeast Asia. It has a diverse culture and multicultural population. Singapore stands as a premier education hub for international students as well as domestic. With its world-class universities, Singapore offers international students quality and equality of education at an affordable cost. Singapore had earned the third place in the overall ranking in the 2013 QS Best Student cities; therefore, it reflects the country’s combination of highly ranked universities along with a very diverse student community and high quality of life. 

Singaporean Education offers students a unique learning experience that enhances their individual dilemma in the world as they receive a perfect blend of the social, cultural and educational mix. 

In addition to that, it also offers the sophistication of modern living that makes Singapore a truly vibrant and cosmopolitan education hub. Most of the students these days are opting to study in Singapore. Let us discuss the average cost and expenses of study as well as living in Singapore 

Having known about the financial cost of education in Singapore is important if you are considering Singapore as your overseas studying destination. The cost of higher education in Singapore is quite affordable if you compare it to the UK or the US. Let’s find out. 

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Average Cost of Study in Singapore 

The total cost of study totally depends on the program, course, type and the university chosen. 

The public universities in Singapore are a lot less expensive than private ones. Many Singaporeans only needed to pay a modest sum for school fees, whereas it is quite high for international students if we compare to the worldwide fee structure. 

Being aware of the education costs in Singapore is a very important aspect of your taking admission to Singapore. If you are considering Singapore as your overseas studying destination then do research on various courses and universities for comparison. The cost of higher education in Singapore is quite affordable than others as if you compare it from the UK or the US. Let us find out the average study cost. 

Tuition Fees (SGD $) (SGD = Singapore Dollar) 

Undergraduate Bachelor Degree: It costs you around 10000 SGD$ to 15000 SGD$ yearly. 

Postgraduate Master’s Degree: It will costs you around 20000 SGD$ to 30000 SGD$ yearly. 

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Programs and Courses in Singapore 

Study in Singapore from any country might be a good choice, hereby; choosing your favourite study course from a wide spectrum of course outlets is another happiness. Students have a wider scope to pursue education Singapore in diverse fields of specialization such as- 

  • Law 
  • Arts, Social Science and Humanities 
  • Creative Arts, Communication, and Design 
  • Tourism, Hotel and Food Management 
  • Health, Veterinary Studies, and Medicine 
  • Engineering & Sciences 
  • Architecture and Building 
  • MBA, Business and Management 
  • Agriculture and Environment 
  • IT and Computing 

Living Cost 

Singapore is the fastest growing economy in world and it describes the modern lifestyle with a contributed to a very high cost of living than others. The cost of education in Singapore is also among the highest in overall Asia. Therefore, it is still an inexpensive option for students when it is compared to the UK or Australia. Currently, annual tuition fees average around approximately is the US $11, 800. 

Living expenses and accommodation expenses in Singapore varies and depending on whether you rent a room or home; it costs you around SGD 500 – 1,000 per month. On the other hand, an entire home apartment costs you SGD 2,200 – 3,000 per month. These are the range of prices, which include public facilities, private rooms, and apartments. It cost you almost double this amount. 

The overall transport costs within the Singapore vary between almost SGD $100 – $150 if you stick to just buses and train as traveling friend. However, the good news for International students from over the globe is that 52% of international students in Singapore are eligible for financial aid from top Singapore banks on their admission. 

Click here for more information about the cost of university in Singapore. 

Important Facts about Singapore as an Asian Country 

Singapore is a very beautiful land of Asia, it is consists of finest island country made up of 63 islands. The highly developed cultural market is based on its best economy and make Singapore the world’s fourth leading financial sector. A Diverse and 

Vibrant mix of culture and traditions from across the globe along with modernism and urbanization, Singapore is a perfect tourist attraction as well as a study perfect destination for international students. 

✓ Capital of Singapore: Singapore City ✓ Language Known: Chinese, Malay, Tamil, English ✓ Official Currency of Singapore: Singapore Dollar (SGD) ✓ Weather: Singapore is hot & humid all year round. Overall daily temperatures 

range from about 23-31 degrees Celsius. The hottest period in Singapore is from May to August. ✓ Literacy rate of the country: around 96%

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