Study In Hong Kong: List Of Universities, Rankings & Admission Process

Hong Kong is cosmopolitan and perfect place to live. It is however known as the places where East meets west, where tradition meets innovation. Its fashion, food and education system are respected and well recognized all over the world. Becoming one of the world’s greatest education destinations in the world is one of Hong Kong’s aims.With top quality research facilities as well as recognized universities, Hong Kong has all that you need including basic educational facilities.One of the world’s financial centers and populated land, Hong Kong has long been referred to as a meeting place for diverse cultures and traditions.

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Are you an international student seeking for a perfect place to study? Hong Kong is a perfectly considerable place to study. The government provides and fund institutions yearly. All basic amenities for a bright result are all available here in HongKong. All affairs of the school are regulated by the government. There is nothing better than having the best education. Seek the best today in Hong Kong



This university is one of the oldest in Hong Kong. It is a non-profit making institution unlike other institution. The institution is as old as 53 years. Offer courses relating to art and humanity, science and technology, business and social science courses, medicine and health, and engineering. The tuition fee is less expensive and they offer best education.

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The university was founded in the year 1991. Hong Kong University of Science and Technology is higher education and public research institution situated in clear water bay peninsula, Hong Kong. In 2016, HKSUT ranked 2nd in the top 50 universities by QS. The institution has branches inNansha and Shenzhen. The branches are widely recognised by Hong Kong’s educational bureau. They provide quality education to all its students. The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) offer various courses and awards degrees such as bachelor degrees, master degrees, and doctorate degrees in several fields of study. Their admission policy is based on students past records and academic performance. International students can apply through enrolment.


The university was established in the year 1937. The Hong Kong Polytechnic University is one of Hong Kong’s best higher education and public institution located in Hong hum, Hong Kong. The polytechnic university offers a wide of degrees in applied science and textiles, business, engineering, social sciences. The business school is ranked 55th in the top 100 world ranking of business schools by university of Texas.


Founded in the year 1984, City University of Hong Kong is a public higher education institution located in the metropolis of Hong Kong. Officially accredited and recognized by the hung Kong educational Bureau. City University of Hong Kong is a large higher education institution. City University of Hong Kong offers courses and programs that lead to recognized higher education degrees such in different field of study. This institution has selective admission rules guiding them. Those rules are based on the students’ past academic record. International students are welcome to apply for admission into this institution. City university of Hong Kong also provides several basicnon-academic facilities and necessities to their students such as library, accommodation,scholarships, as well as basic administrative services. Admission rate of city university of Hong Kong is very selective and ranges from 30% to 40%.


History has this university as Hong Kong’s oldest tertiary institution. History has it that the university is over a hundred years. The University is ranked 26th amongst the most recognised universities in the world. The university is research driven. So many professors from this

University have been ranked as the world class top 1% scientists by Essential Science Indicators, Thomson Reuters. The university is globally recognized and connected. The University of Hong Kong has world class curriculum. English is one basic medium of communication.

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  • pick a course and institution of your choice
  • Submit your filled e-application form to thechosen university’s website.
  • Print out you online application form
  • Print out your application record sheet.
  • Note; if you will be an exchange student, make sure you complete the endorsement part of the application record sheet.
  • Submit your application to the University website or to the academic department.
  • your support documents along with your application fee should be included


Most universities have their different criteria/ requirements for their admission. To study in any institution in Hong Kong, all these requirements must be put in place. These requirements includes

  • Your country’s ‘Aptitude test result with a satisfactory grade.
  • Personal information and background information
  • Academic transcript
  • TOEFL/Test of English as a Foreign Language or IELTS/International English Language Testing System (or other equivalent examinations) if English is not your native language.
  • Applications should be submitted a year before the admission desired year


Applicant can apply via paper or e-registration. Every applicant is to follow the school web site carefully to know the date for registration. Get the entirenecessary document you need and fill out the online application carefully. Deadline is 2months before assessment date. Every application submitted after the assessment date will not be screened or interviewed. The application period for international students usually takes place September to December yearly.

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As an international student or local Studying in Hong Kong today, there are so many other things to learn asides education. These include their languages, culture, tradition and life style. As a student

schooling in the best institution in Hong Kong, you need to worry less about job opportunities. Hong Kong has several connections with different nations of the world like china and so on. You can feel welcomed in Hong Kong because there are no language barriers as English is another widely spoken language. Choose to school in Hong Kong today, and make impact.

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