Study In Netherlands: Tuition Fees, Cost Of Living and Admission Process

Holland, a region and a then province in the Netherlands. Every year, thousands of students from across the globe apply to study in Holland. Universities in Holland are among the best universities offering good quality education in diverse areas and programmes. It is worth spending money on acquiring.

Cost of living in Holland is not expensive, relatively affordable, with affordable and reasonable tuition fees.

Not minding the small size of the country, Holland is well recognized internationally and ranked the 21st largest country in the world. There are several multinational companies in Holland and majority of them are Dutch. Most multinationals also have their European headquarters in Holland because of its strong economic conditions, including Sony and Microsoft.

Having a recognized degree coupled with a good living experience in Holland will give you an edge over others in any part of the world.

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Why you should choose Holland

Holland is a very wonderful and excellent study destination in Europe. Studying in Holland is based on the principle of problem-based learning. It is active and a development concept. It grooms students to prepare for the problems they do not know exist and how to face and tackle them.

Choosing Holland as a your study destination comes with lots of advantages which you will likely not get from other international universities. Holland universities offers;

  • Holland universities offers nothing below a high quality education which are taught in English both in the undergraduates, graduates, and post-graduates levels, and in all other educational programmes.
  • Holland Universities are among the top notch and top universities in the world. Dutch universities are well recognized and regarded in many international countries. Holland education meets all the requirements of international standards and is well recognized. Having any educational certificates from any Dutch universities will land you your dream job in any part of the world.
  • Study in Holland comes with lows tuition fees and cost of living unlike other European countries. There are also scholarships and grants for students for the completion of their education or reduction in their tuition fees.

  • Holland is well recognized as a vibrant country with a good multicultural environment. Holland is known as an experts in high quality education and wide-based knowledge. About 95 percent of its inhabitants speak in English even though it is a non-English speaking region. And this has remained to be one of the notable factors that attracts students every year.
  • Holland is a technologically advanced country.
  • There is close proximity to other neighboring countries which only takes bout an hour to reach like Paris, London, Amsterdam, Berlin, etc. There are opportunities to tour every European countries as a student and you get to know places with free access.
  • Nice atmosphere and lively towns. Holland is a liveable country. The towns are conducive for students and free of crimes.

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High Ranking Institutions in Holland

Lists of top universities in Holland ranked in the top 100 universities in the World Universities Ranking.

  • Delft University of Technology: Ranked 20th in the top engineering universities in the world and 50th in technology. Delft is the oldest technology university in Holland. The university was set up for the civil engineers to educate and motivate the civil servants that would be working for the Dutch East India Company. And since it was founded, it has attracted thousands of students from home and abroad on yearlybasis.
  • University of Amsterdam : Ranked the 63th university in the world and the third oldest in Holland. It is the largest university in Holland with over 30,000 students. It has about 150 programmes which are taught in English.
  • Wageningen University and Research: Ranked 65th in World universityRanking. The university focused on agricultural andenvironmentalsciences.Its courses are taught in both Dutch and English languages with over 10,000 students.
  • Erasmus University Rotterdam: Ranked 69th in the world ranking. Education in Erasmus is based on health, governance, wealth, and culture. Undergraduates courses are taught in both English and Dutch, postgraduates are taught only in English.
  • Leiden University: Ranked 77thin the world. The university has over 20,000 students from various countries. The university is very innovative with a unique teaching style that focuses on teamwork and individual study.
  • University of Groningen: Ranked 80th in the world and79th in Arts and Humanities. It has over 30,000 students, internationalstudents inclusive from over 100 countries. It offers over 30 undergraduates English-taught courses, with more than 125 masters programmes.
  • Utrecht University: Ranked 86thin the world top universities. It is a renowned research university. Utrecht University offers a top-notch quality education that iscomparable with that oftheBritish standard. The university offers 97 masters programmes which are taught in English and more than 10 English-taught bachelor’s programmed.

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How to Apply

To apply for any university in Holland, you have to apply via Studielink as it is the main application centre. Also, contact the university you will be applying to about your application because some schools have different application procedures. Follow thesesteps to apply to any university in Holland;

  • First of all, you will need to apply for an account.
  • After getting your login details, proceed to enter your personal details.
  • Apply for an enrollment by selecting new enrollment application. In this step, a verification code is needed before you can proceed with your application.
  • After having filled the enrollment form, your education history will be asked, including your A’levels.
  • After completing all steps, you are through with your application then. Keep tap on your emails as studylink can send you any mail regarding additional information.
  • Your next step will be to provide information on your tuition fees will be settled,which you must pay before your enrollment.

When to Apply

Applications in Holland usually starts between September and October for entry in the coming summer.

Deadline for Application Submission

Application deadline varies from one school to another. It also depends on whether you are a non-EU or EU-students. There are usually exceptions as some universities have their own procedures which you must strictly follow.

In a nutshell, Education system in Holland prepares you to face the future’s unforeseen problems, teaches you teamwork and maintaining interpersonal relationships at workplace, all put together; self-discipline andself-study. The best is what you will get in Holland.

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