Study In Portugal: Ranking, Tuition Fees Plus Admission process

Entry Requirements for Universities in PortugalPortugal is a state situated on the Iberian Peninsula, a South European state bordering Spain. Located on the Atlantic Ocean to the west and south, Portugal stands as a strong force discriminating against the personal possession of drugs.

Portugal since time immemorial has enforced education for all Portuguese such that education is compulsory for all her citizenry until age 18 when most would have attained their 12th grade. The Portuguese educational system has been divided into two subsystems. The University and polytechnic. Getting admitted into Portuguese university or polytechnic will open your eyes into the customs and cultural heritage of the Portuguese.

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Language Requirements for Study in Portugal

Students applying for any undergraduate courses in Portugal most especially international applicants require to have a high school leaving certificate. Learning Portuguese is always very important but then, all but some few courses were given in Portuguese. Students are admonished to have at least an average understanding of Portuguese. These days most institutions of higher learning in Portugal offer classes in English language, it is used as a language of instruction for specific courses that requires to be taught in English.

Tuition Fees

The Portuguese government operates two university system. The public and private. The public university which is run according to government policy, allows annual payment of up to 1.3 times the least national wage rates.

Applicants studying for fulltime Bachelor and Master’s program make payments between 950 and 1300 Euros per year. For doctoral applicants, 2600- 3200 Euros are to be made annually. The amounts aforementioned may not be effective if you are to school in Portuguese city of Coimbra where tuition fee is smaller than 750 Euro yearly.

The cost of schooling in private university in Portugal is not the same as public. Most private university’s tuition is determined by one, two or more individuals who sum up students’ tuition based on the numbers of credit he obtained during his studying years.

On the average, the tuition fees in private schools cost about 400 to 550 Euro monthly which then makes an average tuition to be around 3,330 and 3,885 Euro/ annum.

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Application process into Portuguese University

The application process to study at any Portuguese University or Polytechnic varies depending on several factors set aside by any institution or even on programs applicants students seek. In other words, admission into any Portuguese institution for graduate or undergraduate programs takes these two process.


1. High school leaving Certificates. This certificate must be recognized and notarized by your home country education board.

2. Submission of Application.

This will be submitted to the Portuguese centralized, online system.

Most university will always request that applicant sit for an entrance examination. At the public universities it has always been a national examination while private university single handedly set theirs.


For applicants applying for graduates’ program, you will also need to

1. Submit your application via same channel such as there is above

2. Alongside with your application, you will also need to submit all proofs of your previous studies. These will make the polytechnic you’re applying to; be able to access your competency for your desired program you’ve applied for.

Admission Requirement for Undergraduate

Students seeking to study at the first(undergraduate) degrees at universities and polytechnics in Portugal, must:

Have completed upper secondary education

Have passed the university entrance examination in their home country

Meet the study program pre-requisites if required. A pre-requisite is a subject any applicant must meet before being allowed to register for a course. For example, students enrolling for an English major must have gone through an examination on English language order than TOEFL.

Masters Students

For students applying for any master’s program in any Portuguese university you must be in possession of an equivalent diploma or mostly your Bachelor degree.

Doctoral Students

For applicants applying for doctoral studies, you will be required to tender your masters certificate or diploma whichever applies.

NB: At the undergraduate level, prospective students should be informed that they will be studying in Portugal having passed the basic level examination on Portuguese. Since Portuguese will be the language of instruction, students are required to meet up with the demanded B1 or B2 grade score having done the exam on Portuguese. This language requirement only applies to undergraduates alone and not for masters and research programs.

Scholarships to Study in Portugal

Leakey Fellowships for Students of Developing Countries desirous to study Abroad

Deadline: March 1st 2017

Category of Applicant: Masters, Bachelor

Benefit: $15,000 Annually

This scholarship is established in memory of Franklin Baldwin and has always financed scientific discoveries. It is a scholarship package for students or scholars from enveloping nations who desire to further their study outside their nation.

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Meri Pehchaan Scholarship

Deadline: April 30 2017

Category of Applicant: Bachelor

Benefit: 30%-100% on tuition fee

With Meri Pehchaan scholarship package beneficiaries will enjoy a 30 to 100% on tuition fee. Beneficiaries from the following fields of study are awarded. Event Management, Interior Designing, designing, Jeweler designs, Designing, Finance & Account.


Portugal gives grants and government-supported scholarships to her own students, students from EU and several international students. Public universities in Portugal offer less government-supported scholarships compared to countries like Germany or France. In determining your eligibility for a grant, you will need to apply and be accepted to study a course in a recognized institution by the Ministry of Education in Portugal.

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