Study In Qatar: Tuition Fees, List Of Universities and How To Apply For Admission

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Qatar which is officially known as the State of Qatar is an  independent country situated in Western part of Asia. It is found on the Peninsula of Qatar on the Northern side of the east coast of the Peninsula of Arabia.

The state of Qatar shares one border(Land) in the south with Saudi Arabia and with the Arabian Gulf surrounding the remainder of it Land space. Over time, Qatar has made remarkable progress in improving the quality of their educational system like building an educational city which houses local branches of different universities such as, Georgetown University School of foreign Service, Texas A&M’s School of Engineering,Weill Cornell Medical college, Carnegie Mellon School of Computer Science and more.This article will explain elaborately how to apply and get admission to universities in Qatar, how to study and lead a successful life in Qatar, the living cost, the benefits of studying in Universities located in Qatar and more.

The Cost of studying in Qatar

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The tuitionfee for Universities in Qatar ranges from 800 QR (£171) to 1,000 QR (£214) per credit hour but there are ways to reduce the amount of tuition being paid by international students which include;

  • Student Employment

Students can be employed in different places due to work study programs created by foreign schools in Qatar.For instance, in Georgetown University in Qatar, students can work for more than 18 hours weekly and make between 30 and 40 QR per hour (up to about £8.57).

  • Aid Programs to help with student finance.

Financial aids as regards important needs are offered to students by theScience and community development andQatar Foundation for Education and they also give loans to students who study in Qatar


  • Sponsors
    Organizations like The Higher Education Institute (HEI) of the Supreme Education Council help in sponsoring students which might cover tuition, accommodation and textbooks while some cover just tuition depending on the type of sponsorship.

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Most students that come to study in Qatar are mostly offered Dormitories (Single sex) by the University. The dormitories are usually of high quality, including living areas, dining areas and individual showers. This is the easiest form of accommodation in Qatar but it is not impossible to look for accommodations that are more suited the individual. Although it is advisable to get accommodation after being familiar with the terrain in Qatar but if one wants to rent accommodations outside the school from the outset it is highly recommended to consult the University before doing so.In most places in Qatar, the rent is usually high so one should expect the rent to assume a large part of one’s monthly expenses. Feeding could also be expensive in comparison with Western countries.


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Arabic is the officially recognized Language and English is frequently usedas the second language. Most Universities in Qatar use English as their instructional Language with some schools providing choice of taking classes in Either Arabic or English but due to the fact that a lot of Universities in Qatar are Foreign Universities, these Universities Instruct students mainly in English. As a result of this, an International Student would be required to provide proof of proficiency in English Language and this can be done by taking English proficiency examinations. Examples of these English proficiency Examinations include; Trinity Integrated Skills in English (ISE) III, Cambridge Proficiency (CPE), Pearson Test of English (PTE),International English Language Testing System (IELTS), Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English (CAE) and Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) internet-based test (IBT).


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It would be advisable to apply to numerous schoolsin a year and also in advance so as to increase theodds of being accepted. Steps on applying for admission differ for different Universities as the requirements differ from each other,although a lot of the universities have similarities in the requirements for admission and steps involved for applying. Also, admission requirements also depend on the type of course and program (Undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate) being applied for. Some of the similar requirements by Universities in Qatar include:

  • Undergraduate online application
  • Art Portfolio (for BFA/Art Foundation applicants) or Essay (for BA applicants)
  • Official high school and exam transcripts
  • Personal statement
  • English language proficiency test scores
  • Recommendation form
  • Copy of passport identification page(s)

Other requirements are specified by the Universities.

Steps to take when applying for graduate studies solely depends on each University because the steps to apply depends on what is put in place by the Authorities in the University. Some of the general steps and requirements in applying for graduate studies(PhD and Masters) include the following:

  • A Master’s degree or higher received (For Doctorate program, Ph.D.) with 3.0 being the minimum CGPA
  • Applicants must provide standardized test scores (e.g. GRE, GMAT) for all PhD programs offered in English.
  • Qualified applicants must also satisfy the admission requirements of the college or programs being applied for.

For Master’s Degree Applicants

  • The applicant must have obtained a Bachelor’s degree with a CGPA of at least 2.8
  • Students must also satisfy other additional specific admission requirementsof the college or program being applied to or for.

Some of the general steps on applying for admission include:

  • Completion of an Online Admissions Application
  • Final university transcript satisfying the degree and CGPA requirements of the program/course being applied for
  • Satisfying the Universities’ English Proficiency requirements (and submit evidence to the Admissions Department)
  • Health Certificate issued by the Medical Commission or a private hospital in Qatar
  • A copy(photocopy) of your Qatar Identification card
  • A copy of one’s passport for an international student
  • Passport photographs (Specification differ from University to University)

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Immigration & Visa in Qatar

For all International students, it is mandatory to possess a student visa issued by the authorities. Student visas are normally issued by a sponsor which is the University you applied to and so as to avoid complications, it is advised that you apply(usually online) in advance.
After the online application, one is required to provide the online application confirmation page, a copy of one’s passport, an affidavit of financial sponsor, the financial sponsor’s passport(copy), additional financial documents (check online for more Information), a health evaluation, a certificate of “good conduct” issued by the authority, approval letter from the parents and a student declaration form.

Security in Qatar.

The crime rate is very low in Qatar and international students should feel safe in the country. It is important to note that Qatar is a Muslim country therefore, socializing is not as in western countries. Alcohol is also controlled in Qatar and International students are often advised to dress modestly.Students are advised to protect their own personal belongings and are responsible for their personal safety and they should be cautious. Steps that can be taken in order to avoid being victims of crime include;Not holding huge sums of money per time, moving together in groups and not moving around alone(especially in the night), concealing valuable goods when moving around, knowing the safe routes to take, avoiding unregistered vehicles(Taxis), being careful of traffic etc.

List of Universities in Qatar

Qatari Institutions

Qatar Aeronautical College

Hamad bin Khalifa University

Community College of Qatar 

Qatar University

Foreign Universities

College of North Atlantic Qatar

Texas A&M University at Qatar

Academic Bridge Programme

Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community

Georgetown University School of Foreign Service in Qatar

Weill Cornell Medical College in Qatar

HEC Paris

Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar

Stenden University Qatar

University College London Qatar

Northwestern University in Qatar

University of Calgary Qatar

Syscoms Institute

Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar

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Why Study in Qatar?

Qatar is known for its cultural heritage so for a person of culture, Qatar is a great place to practice your culture without being in any type of danger or worry.


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