Study In USA: Benefits, Cost Of Living, Tuition Fees & Application Procedures

CAMBRIDGE, MA, USA - NOVEMBER 2, 2013: Harvard Yard, old heart of Harvard University campus, on a beautiful Fall day in Cambridge, MA, USA on November 2, 2013.

United State of America is the country with the largest economy of GDP, highly developed and industrialize in today global world. The country which has it capital at Washington DC was declared independent in July 4 1776 after several struggle, expansion, evolution and revolution which later contributed to the success of today America.

USA consist of about 50 states located at several regions with there several other unique feature and contributions. The country is dominated by people of several ethnic dominations including Arabic, French, Germans, Latin, Italian, Chinese speaking distinctive languages but the formal and most common language widely spoken is English.

There is also the existence of Christianity, Buddhism, Hindu, Muslims, Protestant people in the country, Hence the country has given freedom for individual to practice the religion best for them. The country is indeed waxing stronger day by day.

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There are thousands of reason why you should consider studying in America. Not only considering the fact that it is the most sought after country in the world, it also host several of the highest ranked institutions in the world. Below are other details why you should study in the US:

  • USA provide people from all over the world the life changing opportunity to acquire quality education that can change their career and value to a whole new level.
  • America is a home of diverse culture that anyone would fall in love with. Aside from quality academics it offers you the chance to partake of it diverse Rich cultural heritage, share their colonial experience as well as the positive sides of cultural impact on their society.
  • America has the highest record of financial aids, Scholarship, Research funding that has in no little way contributed to the influx of international students who intend pursuing a career in America.
  • Their are varieties of degree programs, postgraduate programs, PhD programs to choose from. The study programs are very flexible accommodating the Interest and need of students.
  • You have a high possibility of landing your dream job after your study.
  • It’s a home for expertise research works, technology creating solutions to several problems affecting society today for this reason anyone would want to be part of the life changer. They also have well equipped laboratories, machineries, equipments to work with.
  • The very best of a conducive atmosphere of learning is assured. The enviroment is very peaceful.
  • America is also a home of several tourist sites and Historical monuments.
  • Also, is the fact that the standard of living is relatively low especially for International students. You also have the opportunity to work to get more money for yourself.

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Country Ranking: 1

World Ranking:1

This extremely excellent university was established in 1636 and since then has been creating one landmark or the other. It is a renowned research institution that glory in prestige, fame, academic exploit that is number one in the world. The university has 10 sophisticated faculties with there faculties through Boston metropolitan area. It has one of the largest financial endowment as an academic institution. They receives lots of financial aids, monetary contributions daily which has boost its quality and achievements.


Country Ranking: 2

World Ranking: 2

This renowned university is located in Cambridge. Also very reputable for it research funding institute with the aim to develop innovative solutions to works Challenge, Addressing 21st century problems through leading Research institutions in the world. The university motto is “Mind and Hand”. Established in April 10 1861 it has since been proving itself daily with several notable achievements.


Country Ranking: 3

World Ranking: 3

A public university established in 1868, located at Oakland California. It has leading excellence in several inter disciplinary courses including areas of Art, Social sciences, Teaching expertise and other Professional field. This university record yearly several influx of International students who Intend pursuing a career in this prestigious institution, though they have terms and conditions which potential students must meet to enable them gain admission into the university as there are several other applicants.


Country Ranking: 4

World Ranking: 13

This is one of the oldest university on the west coast. It is a very competitive university at the US. Also a home for the best Medical school in USA and other top professional discipline. There are lots of enrollment of students both locally and internationally those who meet the Admission requirements. Worthy of note is the fact that it has received the highest grade at the Sustainability Endowment Institute college in 2011.


Country Ranking: 5

World Ranking: 22

It was founded in 1817, hence has a tradition of excellence. It is located in Ann Arbor Michigan. Ever since, it has expanded in development, Land mass, Excellent achievement that cannot be over emphasized. It offers quality graduate programs in Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and other fields. It has one of the largest Alumni base than any university in the world.

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Schooling in America is very competitive, so if you have to apply you have to do it right. Here are few steps to help you in the Application process:

  1. First, you need to select the right course you intend pursuing, it would help guild you in choosing the best institution.
  2. Apply for your Undergraduate, Post graduate, or PhD degree program.
  3. Take the Admission requirement test. It could be TOEFL to test your English proficiency skills and several others tests.
  4. Make your financial plan.
  5. Assemble your application form, Eassy, Referee and submit them to the school you’re applying to.
  6. Get your student visa ready.
  7. Be ready for a life changing era.


Do not make the mistake of underestimating deadlines. Ensure to submit all your applications form and requirements before the deadline . The deadline may be up to 10 months before the beginning of the school term, and application can take lots of time. So ensure you start early so you will beat deadline


  • A good Job that awaits you.
  • Quality Education.
  • World class certificate.
  • Permanent Residence.
  • Fantastic knowledge and more.


Studying in United State is a life changing opportunity. You will become a part of those who have been imparted to make a difference in there world.


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