Swiss Federal Institute Of Technology: Ranking, Tuition Fees and Much More

Swiss federal institute of technology Zürich is a science, technology, engineering, and Mathematics University located in the city of Zürich, Switzerland. It was established in the year 1855 and was formerly named EidgenossischePolytechnischeSchule. Swiss Federal Institute of Technology was initially founded in 1854 by the Swiss confederacy and began lectures in 1855 as a polytechnic – Eidgenossische Polytechnsche Schule, which translates to `federal polytechnic school`.

The institute initially comprised of six faculties which include; Architecture, Civil engineering, Chemistry, and Forestry. It later had a composed department for other courses like mathematics, natural sciences, literature, social and political sciences. Swiss federal institute of technology is a federal institute, i.e. it is under the direct administration of the Swiss government. It was given its current name; Eidgenossische Technische Hochsehule[ETH] in 1924 and its structure re-organized.

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Swiss federal institute of technology Zürich is currently ranked as 5th best university in the world for the subjects of engineering and technology. It was also ranked 8th in the world in 2016 edition of QS world university rankings and it ranked best in the world for earth and marine science.

Prizes have been awarded to students and professors of this institute in the past. Examples of which are albert Einstein, Wilhelm Corad Rontgen, Charles-Edouard Guillaume, Otto Stern, Pauli Wolfgang, Felix Blouch and many more.


In 2016, Eidgenossische Technische Hochsehule [ETH] Zurich was ranked 9th overall by times higher education world university rankings and they also ranked 8th in the world in the field of engineering and technology.

ETHZürich is ranked first in natural sciences, computer sciences and engineering sciences among all German-speaking countries by swiss up rankings. ETH Zürich was assessed as one of the 3 institutions to have excellent graduate programmes in biology, chemistry,mathematics, and physics in the survey CHE excellence ranking on the quality of western European graduate schools.

ETH Zurich had a budget of 1.7 billion CHF in the year 2016 to support research work.

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ETH Zürich like every university in Switzerland is obliged to render admission to every individual who partakes in the matura as the university is not selective in its admission procedures. Undergraduate applicants from foreign countries are to either partake in thereduced entrance or the comprehensive entrance examination.

Although some applicants from some European countries are exempted from this rule, by passing the comprehensive entrance examination, the applicant can be admitted to ETH Zürich without verifications.

The academic year in ETH is divided into 2 semesters. Examinations are held immediately after the first semester but before the beginning of the next semester. Students studying a Bachelor’s degree must pass a block examination of all courses taken in the first year of study. This examination is called basisprufung. If the student scores below average which is not sufficient, such a student will have to re-sit for the exam.


The educational programmes offered by ETH Zürich are created to meet the best standards with solid academic backgrounds that enable you work in both private and public companies. ETHZürich offers the following programmes;

  • Masters of advanced studies [MAS, MBA]
  • Diploma of advanced studies [DAS]
  • Certificate of advanced studies [CAS]
  • Further education courses
  • External learning and MOOCs [massive open online courses]
  • Teachers training
  • In-housetraining
  • Customised solution for private individuals
  • Staff training
  • Other courses for external customers

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Tuition fees are charged to both swiss and non-swiss students in accordance with the fees ordinance of the ETH Zürich domain.

Tuition fee is CHF 580 per semester. The tuition fee covers enrolment in all courses. Students who are enrolled in a bachelor and a directly following master’s program are charged with only one tuition fee. Students who are enrolled in several study programs [additionalenrolment in a different program]have to pay the tuition fee for each enrolment.

Compulsory Fee

Academic sport association Zürich [ASVZ] CHF 30.00

Scholarship funds CHF 7.00

ETH Zurich student union [VSETH] fee for general services CHF 32.00



ETHZürich students were found to be the busiest students in all higher education institute in Switzerland. The tight undergraduatecurriculum consists of as much as twice the number of lectures as compatible courses of other swiss universities. ETH Zurich consists of over a hundred associations the most popular of which is VESTH [Verband der Stuierendenan der ETH] which includes all departments association. The association organises events such as polyball, the poly party and the erstsenestrigenfest which takes place at extra ordinary locations. All freshmen enjoy special treatments and privileges at the event.

The SOLA relay race is the biggest annual sport event which consists of 14 sections over a total distance of 140 kilometres. In 2014, ASVZ celebrated their 75th anniversary.


The cost of living in Switzerland, Zürich is more expensive than living in any one out of the 5 places in switzel.


  • Basic lunch time menu including a drink CHF 26.00
  • 500g of boneless chicken breast CHF12.00
  • Litre of whole fat milk CHF1.78
  • Bread for 2 people for 1 day CHF 2.28


  • Monthly rent for 85m2 [900sqft] furnished

Accommodation in an expensive area CHF 3,277

  • Monthly rent for 85m2 [900 sqft] furnished

Accommodation in a normal area CHF 2,309

  • Monthly rent for 45m2 [480 sqft] furnished

Studio in an expensive area CHF 2,237

  • Monthly rent for 45m2 [480sqft] furnished

Studio in normal area CHF 1,619


  • 1 pair of jeans CHF 118
  • 1summer dress in high street stores CHF 57
  • 1 pair of sport shoes CHF124
  • 1 pair of men`s business leather shoes CHF 167


  • Volkswagen golf 1.4 TSI 150 cv CHF 25,763
  • 1 Litre of gas CHF 1.51
  • Monthly ticket public transport CHF103
  • Taxi trip on a business day CHF 37

Being one of the best schools in Switzerland and in the World at large for its remarkable excellence in research in all fields, ETH Zürich is surely a wise choice for any student residing in swiss or any foreign country in pursuit of academic excellence and those seeking for world class education. ETH Zürich will be the best place to equip yourself with the required skills to face the real world.

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