Tips On How To Study In Canada – Tuition Fees, Living Expenses & Admissions


Canada one of the world best prestigious country has it capital at Ottawa. Alongside several metropolitan areas including Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver. A country located in the Northern America occupying a large mass area. It has a southern border with the USA known as the world largest Bi-national land border.

The official language is English although there are several other languages that are spoken but they are not as prominent as the English language.

Canada is dominated by several ethnic groups such as the Blacks, Latin America, Whites, Multiracial along side several others that are sparsely inhabited in the country. Canada is a widely populated country that records massive influx of people moving in and out based on several reasons. The country is very developed, has a blooming Economy and a strong central Government. Their currency is called the Canadian dollar.

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Also the geography of Canada varies in regions and seasons. It could be warm and cold depending on the climate changes. Canada is widely known for it strategic geographical location, Rich culture and lifestyle, Natural Endowment as well as it wealth.



Country Ranking: 1

World Ranking: 22

A highly recognize public research institution located in Toronto Canada that was founded in 1827 and gradually started creating a prestigious image for itself till date. The institution was a birthplace of insulin and stem cell research and several other research globally. It has a notable Alumni base some of who are major personalities in today’s world Including 2 Governor General of Canada, 4 Prime ministers of Canada and several Nobel Laureates.



Country Ranking: 2

World Ranking: 36

One of the prestigious University in Canada, it was founded at 1908 which has enrolled several international studies from all over the world. This excellent University is one of the topmost 3 research University nationally and also has one of the largest Research Library in Canada. They give out several notable scholarship to students all over the world offering them a chance to study with the best facilities. It provide for any choice of career and is indeed a home for TRIUMF.

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Country Ranking: 3

World Ranking:42

This wonderful university was founded in 1821 by the Royal charter granted by His highness the King George IV. The university academic unit is divided into 11 main faculties and schools. It offers degree in diploma in over 250 fields of study with the highest admission requirements than any other university. They have notable Alumni including 142 Rhodes Scholar, 5 Astronaut, Several Oscar Winner, Grammy award Winner, Olympic medalist, and several other Reputable Global Award which has hardly been recorded at any other University.


Country Ranking: 4

World Ranking:103

This Unique University has over 500 study programs you can be sure to find a place for your career path therein. It is a francophone University of about 13 Faculties which has ranked it as one of the first 150 first class Institution globally. This public University was created in 1878 and has since been achieveing one milestone after the other. It is largely sponsored for it several research works, and research allocations. It is the second largest university in Canada in terms of student enrollment.


Country Ranking: 5

World Ranking: 113

This university was founded at April 23 1887 and has Been impacting and changing lives of students ever since. Showcasing a brighter Future for students all over the world it has several notable undergraduate programs and post graduate programs that has attracted a lot of student for enrollment. It has increasing number of Freshmen yearly, and is the best place to achieve career excellence and personal goals attainment. It offers a substantial education, conducive atmosphere for learning with renowned professors. It is located at Hamilton Canada and a member of U15.


  • The quality if education provided is one of the top class in the world. This is guaranteed to open doors of breakthrough in your respective career field.
  • Well conducive environment for learning. Availability of several facilities that would enhance learning.
  • The system of government is stable and there is security of individual fundamental rights.
  • The campus life style is very nice and accommodating.
  • Innovative and Abundant research opportunities.
  • Canada is a land of vast opportunity, you can also apply for permanent Residency.
  • There is an existing vast multicultural environment with friendly and hospitable people.
  • English is the official language, hence effective communication and chance to learn English speaking.
  • It’s a highly developed and Industrialise country making living easy.
  • Employment rate is very high, it will save you the stress of Job search.
  • Getting student Visa has been made easy.
  • The country pay more attention to Education as it number one goal. This fact has attracted several foreign students to study in Canada.
  • The food is very tasty, there are varieties of restaurant that would suit your specific kind of food choice.
  • The weather is very cool and bright, adaptable to anyone.


Applying to study in Canada is not as difficult as people refer it to be. Here are some steps for the application:

  1. Scan through the University choices and the one that suit your career needs.
  2. Make sure you have a language Test as it is one of the major Requirements. E.g IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, GRE and several others. Get them ready.
  3. Go on-line to apply or print out the application form of the university.
  4. Get your acceptance letter from the institution.
  5. Apply for Canada student Visa.
  6. Prepare for a fantastic academic season.

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There is a stipulated date for each program and institution deadline. So ensure you submit your application before the stated deadline to prevent any form of inconvenience.


Of course. there are lots of amazing benefit you stand to gain from studying in this county. First is a high class certificate that is recognize at any part of the world, you stand a chance to land your dream job based on the guarantee that Canada University are one of the Best to study. In addition to Academic Excellence and added value on all sphere of your life.


Canada has no doubt proven to be one of the best places to be. And choosing to study there is a decision you would be proud of everyday of your life. Everything about Canada is simply amazing.

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