Top 10 Affordable Institutions To Study Engineering In India

Indian students: India tops in producing bachelors in science ...Engineering is considered by all as a highly technical course and as such everything concerning it from its study to its practice needs a high level of professionalism for its effective utilization. This singular reason has been the driving force for students all over the world that have over the years been searching for not only the best but also the most affordable institutions to study engineering. It is no news that India is a highly recognized country in the world for its innovations in engineering and modern technological advancement as its great institutions have trained lots of qualified graduates who are one of the pioneers of engineering today.

in past decades, India has been the country of choice for both international students and students within India and its environs. This is so because India is a country with a very rich economy, culture and fun people additional benefits of being a student in India is the cost of tuition. International students can leave on a budget of $200 to $450 for clothing accommodation and transport cost. Among the engineering institutions in India, below is the very best in terms of affordability and modern approach to engineering practice.

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Jamia Islamia University

This university is also known as the country’s pride as it is located in the capital of the nation New Delhi. Established during the British colonial era in the year 1920. This is one of the best in the country as it ranks among the first ten in the country and first five hundred in the world. This institution is highly ranked because of its modern approach to engineering study, practice, and utilization in the country and also because of its tuition which is around $500 to $2000. This institution has a total of nine faculties and twenty three thousand students.

Jadavpur University

Jadavpur University is one of the universities with the highest level of accreditation. It is semi residential and has been incorporated with other universities in the past. Being one of the oldest universities in the country, it has trained and graduated over 2000 students since inception. Ranked between 103rd to 120th in the world, it is regarded as one of the best in the country even its tuition is prove of this as with just a budget of between $600-$2200 for engineering courses and $800-$3000 for telecommunication courses students can study and live comfortably in the country.

Kakatiya University

Offering over 200 courses at both undergraduate and postgraduate level and also having international student fee range between $600 to $800 per year. This great institution located in warangal, india is home to about 80,000 students. This institution is best for students who want intern positions in top companies as the university helps create an avenue for the students to have industrial experience in engineering and technology.

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Jawaharlal Nehru University

This university’s popularity cuts across Asia and slightly around the world based on the fact that it is named after the founding Prime Minister of India. For this reason it is known for its outstanding academic and scientific breakthroughs. Having modern facilities, laboratory and a state of the art research facility. And also having the backing of the government, the university has been meeting the academic needs of its students.

Osmania University

Established in the year 1916 which makes it one of the universities of engineering in india with experienced and qualified lecturers and professors. Being located in one of the most popular cities in india hyderabad. This University has up to 6000 international students from more that 93 countries around the world based on its quality education and its low tuition which is around $400 to $650 per year. It is ranked 22nd in india 900 in the world.

Marwadi University

Marwadi University is one of the modern and youngest universities in india. This institution was founded in 2014, having about 8200 students and 15 science laboratories. This low number of student is because of the fact that it is a privately owned university and as such it has a small but efficient staff which ensures that the students are trained to become masters in their chosen fields of specialty.

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Teri University

Teri University founded in the year 1990 didnt start out as an educational institution but as a research institution highly know industrially for its research work in scientific and technical policy research on the various forms of energy and the environment. The university was primarily established to improve scientific knowledge of students and also the world through its scientific research.

Cluster Innovation centre university of delhi

Located right in the heart of india this great citadel of learning popularly called the power house of delhi by locals has great prospects for students looking to study in india at a very affordable price. Founded in 2009 and having over 600 enrolled students, this institution runs several courses and degree programs which are being taught by professional instructors and experts.

University school of Information, Communication and Technology

University school of information, communication and technology as the name implies is an institute majorly for information technology which was founded in the year 1997 by Guru Gobind Singh. It has both undergraduate and masters degree programs at very affordable rates. Something worth taking note of is that interested students may choose to complete an undergraduate program and continue for a masters degree in this same institute.

Govind Ballabh Pant Institute of Engineering and Technology

This institution has 10 departments housing about 2000 students, it awards students with bachelors of technology and masters degree. It was founded in 1988 and named after a one time chief minister uttar pradesh pandit govind ballabh pant.

In the bid of the university to make the lives of students easier, they built various residential blocks, a central library and a state of the art cafeteria.

Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology

Netaji subhas institite of technology also known as delhi institute of technology, was established in 1986 by the government of india. It is one of the best universities of engineering in india and the world being that it ranks 5th position in india and 18th in the world. For a student to be qualified to be admitted into an institute as this, the requirements is that he/she needs to pass the india engineering entrance examination which is being written every year by thousands of students both in india and all over the world.

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Gateway Institute of Engineering and Technology

This institution is know and recognized for its scientific research and education as its goal is to churn out qualified professionals who are job creators and not seekers. This institution offers recognized certificate degrees in bachelors of technology and masters of technology. With a staff of professional experts in various disciplines of engineering this institute is able to provide what modern industries and the world needs in terms of education, skill and knowledge acquisition.

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