Low Tuition Universities in Denmark

The tuition fees required to study at Bachelor’s or Master’s level in Sweden is free only for students who hail from the EU/EEA area and also students taking part in an exchange programme in Denmark. Although most programmes are free, you’ll be required to pay fees for some. All international students are required by law to pay some tuition fees of minimum 6,000 Euro. Besides this,  tuition fees will also depend largely on the course you want to study and the university offering the program. Above all, the average tuition fees will dance around 12,000 – 15,000 Euro/year. However, if you have the following you won’t be required to pay tuition fees as well

  • Permanent residence permit in Denmark
  • Temporary residence permit which can be changed to a permanent one
  • Parent from a non-EU/EEA country who is already working in Denmark.

Today’s article will discuss the list of low tuition universities and institutions in Denmark for international students

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Comprehensive list of Low Tuition Universities in Denmark for International Students

Aalborg Business College

Aalborg University

Aarhus school of Business

Copenhagen Business School

University of Southern Denmark

Roskilde University

Royal Danish School of Pharmacy

Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University

Technical University of Denmark

Aarhus University

University of Copenhagen


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