Top 4 Low Tuition Universities in Vietnam for International Students

Without any doubt the most famous delicacy in Vietnam is their noodle, which is popularly called pho. They typically mix the noodle with meat and vegetables in order to turn it into an amazing popular dish. Because of the country’s beautiful landscape and exotic animals, it is without any doubt a great place to visit even for international students and tourists. On top of that, tuition fees are low and cheap for international students

Top Universities in Vietnam for International Students

1. Vietnam National University, Hanoi (VNU)

This is one of the largest tertiary and research facility in Vietnam, the Vietnam National University in Hanoi is a special institution for the Vietnamese government. This school was reorganized in 1993, reports directly to the Prime Minister of Vietnam. Infact, the Prime Minister oversees some of the programs and activities of VNU.

Because of their close bond with the Prime Minister, VNU successfully works with the several governmental organizations of Vietnam, and they also have a partnership with the various departments of the country.

Because of the wide array of programs, you have to start searching for your program after checking on the link above. Then, you will find the tuition amount by clicking on the program that you are interested in. Since this institution is funded by the government, it is one of the cheapest universities in Vietnam.

2. The Ho Chi Minh University of Technology (BK)

The first institution that we discussed was the Vietnam National University in Hanoi, and the Ho Chi Minh University of Technology is equally called the Vietnam National University. Due to their similar names, the VNU had to add the word Hanoi at the last part of their name, and the BK also had to change it to the Ho Chi Minh University of Technology.

Additionally, the Ho Chi Minh University of Technology conducts accreditations on their programs, and it is recognized worldwide by the US, Australia, Asian, and  European member countries. Setting a really high bar for education, the BK is one of the leading institutions in the country. Since BK is also another branch of the public universities, it is equally a cheap university in Vietnam.

3. The University of Danang (UD)

Founded sometime in 1994, the University of Danang engages in engineering, technology, economics, education, and foreign languages. Affording thousands of graduates the ability to  specialize in one of these fields, the UD has had a significant impact on society, and they continue to influence their country down to our day.

Due to their specialized programs, the courses at UD have been internationally recognized, and the research centers of UD are established to withstand intense and heavy research work. Because of their popularity, most graduates of UD are highly sort after by national and international organizations, and they continue to do their best in their respective careers.

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4. Ho Chi Minh City International University (HCMC)

Many universities came together and formed one huge university which is known as the Vietnam National University. The Vietnam National University is one, and the Ho Chi Minh University of Technology is the second one. The total number of universities in the Vietnam National University are six, and this International University is the third. Also, HCMC is also one of the colleges that make up the public universities in Vietnam, and that means it offers cheap tuition even for international students.

One of the interesting facts of HCMC is that it is the first public university in Vietnam that uses English as their primary language in teaching and also in researching. Because of their collaboration with the Vietnam National University, the HCMC also offers accredited courses that can be used at US, Australia, Asian, and European countries.


Because of their low prices for food, items, and homestays, the universities in Vietnam truly is one of the cheapest universities in the world, and they continue to attract talented international students worldwide because of their low tuition.

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