Top Cities With Low Tuition Universities

Specific countries such as Germany, Cyprus, Scotland, Finland, Greece, Malta, Sweden, Norway and Denmark charge low to zero fees for locals and international students who wish to pursue higher education in their countries.

Popular portal Top Universities has presented its ranking of the best cities in the world for students, leaving Paris first, followed by Melbourne and Tokyo. The list has considered aspects such as the presence of the city in other rankings, attractive overall, specific advantages for students, employment and cost of living.

If we consider the section ‘cost of living’, the cheapest cities in the world to study in 2016 are Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), Warsaw (Poland), Hinchey (Taiwan), Berlin (Germany) and Taipei (Taiwan). B

ut if we focus on affordable cities to study in the Western world are, alpha cities in the category of southborough University or have university reference centers, the combination would show Berlin, Madrid, Moscow, Barcelona, Brussels, Helsinki, Osaka, Rome and Tokyo.

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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, receives the best score in affordable city to study, as it is economical both living costs and educational. This does not mean that universities are free, since the average annual cost is $ 3,900.

It has three universities in the QS Ranking of best universities in the world, although the first that appears is the University Malaya, ranking 146. For reference, the first Spanish university in this ranking is to Barcelona, ranking 166.

Hinchey is a not so popular city with 430,000 inhabitants, located on the island of Taiwan, and so basically Chinese culture. It is the third in the ranking of cities QS affordable and best higher education institutions are the National Tsinghua University and National Chiai Tung University, both within the 200 best in the world. It is an especially interesting destination for technology careers, since the city is near the Hinchey Science and Industrial Park, nicknamed ‘Silicon Valley of the East’.

According to QS, study at a public university in Berlin is free, which gives an idea of the advantage of this city in the compendium of the most affordable places to pursue a career or graduate. In the ranking Mercer cost of living stands mid-table, and a special advantage is that 16% of students are international.

The most prominent centers in Berlin are Frey Universidad Berlin, Humboldt-University Berlin and Technics University Berlin. Obviously, except for some programs in English, for most of the studies we have to speak German.

And back to Taiwan, where the capital, Taipei, is gaining points as one of the most interesting educational destinations. Its houses no less than eight universities listed among the best in ranking QS centers, and its crown jewel, the National Taiwan University (NTU) is in 70th place in the world (remember that the first Spanish is Barcelona in 166th place).

Its appearance reminded Hong Kong and the cost of living is very acceptable. And among the cities that are not top the list of the most affordable for students but show an excellent combination of price, standard of living and higher quality, choose Madrid. The capital of Spain is number 11 affordable cities and has an average cost of tuition fees of $1,900 per year.

Their level of international students is 11% and, as a point not so positive, is ranked 139 Ranking Number pollution (out of 300), which is not a good result in the case of a city in which European legislation theoretically applied.

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University of Tampere (UTA) Finland is a well known institution of higher education. The university is based in Tampere, the third largest city in Finland and the largest inland city in the Nordic countries.

Tampere region is also the second most important region in Finland full of scientific, industrial and cultural activities. It might interest you to know that it has a young and vibrant city for student life: of its 220 000 inhabitants over 40 000 are students! This is also very visible in the development strategy of the city, as the city for students in Finland is its central theme.

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