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The benefits of studying economics are just too numerous to share. For one thing, any career related to finance, requires a good foundation on economics to build on. For example, a lot of professions like  accountancy and banking require a degree in economics.

To become an economist , you need to have a good degree in the following economics related courses such as statistics, mathematics and business studies.To start an economics-based degree course, you usually need at least five GCSEs (A-C), plus three A levels (or equivalent), including maths or economics.

To become a more successful Economist, you need to choose universities that are recognized and top-ranked in Economics. There are a number of universities that fit into that category. Here are six (6)  of such universities:



Harvard University is usually ranked number one (1) in the world. The University was founded in 1636 in the United States- it remains one of oldest universities in the United States.

Harvard University has a business school that educates young people for  career in business.

Tuition Fee for Harvard University Business School:

Tuition for Harvard Business School is $73,440 per annum. When you take into account fees, If we add  the tuition fee to accomodation fee, and living expenses, it will sum up to $109,124.

Employability Ranking 2020: #5


Massachusetts Institue of Technology (MIT),a private university, was  founded in 1861.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology,comprises of the Department of Economics.The MIT Department of Economics is a department of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, Massachusetts.MIT Economics Department is a vibrant collection of faculty and students. The Department’s faculty records numerous awards received, including the Nobel Prize. The Department of Economics, offers one of the most rigorous undergraduate economics educations of any U.S. college or university, and its classes attract a large undergraduate student enrollment. Several faculty members have served in various elected offices of the American Economic Association and the Econometric Society.

Rankings: QS Global Rankings #1

Graduate Employability Ranking 2020: #1.

Tuition Fee to Study Economics in Massachusetts Institute of Technology: An average cost of tuition and fees at MIT, is  $51,520 per annum.

With the cost of in room and board plus other fees, the cost of all will be $70,240 per annum.


Stanford University is also listed in the best universities in the world.   The  Department of Economics in Stanford University  purposes to acquaint students with the economic aspect of  the society of today, to familiarize them with tecniques of analysis of contemporary economic problems and to profer solotions to the analized problems.

Trainings are available for any want to be an economist either in civil service, teaching, research or private enterprise.

Rankings: According to Best Grad Schools U.S News &World Report, it is ranked #1.

Graduate Employability Ranking 2020 : #2

Tuition Fee to Study Economics in  Stanford University:  Around $23,000 per annum.


The University of Oxford is the oldest English-speaking universities in the world.

Oxford’s Department of Economics is one of Europe’s leading economics departments. The department is committed to excellence in both teaching and research.Programmes offered here, are internationally recognized. Oxford University has one of the strongest, largest, and most varied groups of academic economists in the world. This is reflected in the diversity of our research which covers virtually every aspect of modern economic analysis and its applications

University of Oxford Rankings: 1st According to World University Rankings, 2020.

5th World Reputation Rankings 2019.

1st European Teaching Rankings 2019.

Graduate Employability Rankings 2020: #10

Tuition Fee : Around $30,800 per annum.


The University of Cambridge is the second oldest English-speaking in the world.The Faculty of Economics is one of the constituent departments of the University of Cambridge. The faculty is composed of five (5) research groups, in the following areas macroeconomics, microeconomic theory, economic history, econometrics, and empirical microeconomics.

A degree in Economics from the University of Cambridge, is highly recognized internationally.

University of Cambridge Rankings: #4 in the world..

# 1 among UK universities.

Tuition Fee :$25,420 per annum.

Graduate Employability Rate 2020: #6


University of Chicago is a private university, founded in 1890. The university of Chicago ha

Rankings: QS World University Ranking 2019-#9

The University of Chicago has the 3rd Most Beautiful Colleges in the World.

Tuition fee: Around $57,000 per annum.

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