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Lots of countries offer free education to students. European countries like Sweden, Germany, Finland, Denmark, and Norway have world-class tuition free universities for both local and international students. If you are planning to study abroad and you are considering the finances required, this might be the only way to actualize your dreams. Although you might still have to pay the administration fee if you are not an EU citizen even if the tuition is free of charge.

Studying abroad without expenses is just not possible. You will have to cover your living cost and health insurance on your own. However, there are several ways to reduce your costs and make studying in Europe quite affordable and possible. Another thing you might have to do is to learn how to speak the country’s native language. Most of the Universities in Europe teach in their local languages. So, you may have to pick up a new skill, if you really mean get a free education.

Top 8 free Universities in Europe

Scuola Normale Superiore

Scuola is located in Pisa, Italy and it is among the best Universities in Europe. The school is also a top-rated college in Italy. It has 3 main undergraduate programs which include sciences, political science, and humanities. The school offers specializations in areas like archaeology, paleography, history of art, and linguistics philosophy in humanities. In addition, it offers chemistry, biology, and physics in the sciences program.

The wonderful thing about this school is that it is one of the universities in Europe that is tuition-free. To crown it all, it covers other expenses like food and housing. In Scuola Normale Superiore, you will hardly pay a dime for your studies.

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Free University of Berlin

Studying at the free university of Berlin, as the the name suggests, is indeed totally free. You do not have to pay a dime to start studying in the college. The school offers courses in Bachelor of Arts. One of its popular subjects is North American Studies. The monthly living cost in Berlin is about700 Euros which is equivalent to $800. It also teaches students using the English language so that there is no reason to acquire a new language skill. Berlin is a wonderful place to be and so, studying there can an open door to a lot of amazing adventures for you.

University of Göttingen

Another school that offers free education to students is the University of Gottingen in Germany. The school has different programs in natural sciences, social sciences, law, and humanities. Some of the programs are in English. If you study in this school, the only fee expected of you is an administrative charge every semester which is around $335 equivalent to 300 Euros. That means you will only have to pay that money for a whole semester. Another expense you will have to make is the cost of living. The cost of living comfortably in Gottingen every month is estimated to be about 700 Euros ($800).


This is also another university in Europe that offers free education to students. Sant’Anna is located in Pisa, Italy, and runs two major programs which are social sciences and experimental & applied sciences. One setback with the school is that you will have to speak a little of Italian language before you study there. Although it has a few courses taught in English, majority of them are taught in Italian.

A great advantage there is that the school covers all your living expenses. This is an opportunity to be familiar with the culture of another country. You will enjoy living and studying in Pisa for free.

University of Crete

This is a public university in Crete, Greece that does not charge any tuition fees from European and international students. Every public university in Greece offers free education to all students. It offers courses in programs like education, social sciences, science, medicine, philosophy, and engineering. All the courses in the school are taught in Greek so you will have to consider learning the language. However, there are also international communities of people who speak English there. Greece is the birthplace of philosophy and so, will offer you various adventures.

University of Würzburg

This is another German university on the list of tuition-free Universities in Europe. It is necessary that you are proficient in German language before enrolling in this school. There are however few courses that are taught in English language to foreign students. Although the tuition is free, you will have to pay a processing fee of about 130 Euros ($145) every month. This fee is quite affordable to anyone with intention of studying in a European University.

The school offers programs in musical studies, politics, astronomy, cultural studies, and molecular & computational biology.

University of Basel

This college is located in Basel, Switzerland and it is the oldest university in the country. That means the University of Basel is among the oldest universities worldwide. According to reports, the school has the largest library in Switzerland. It is also among the cheapest universities in Europe. Its tuition free is about $800 per semester.

Most of their programs are taught in German with a mix of English. It offers diverse programs in business, economics, medicine, law, social science, and psychology.

University of Athens

This university is located in Athens, Greece and it is the oldest in the country. The school has various Greece architecture and columns. The tuition fee per semester is as low $400 and the cost of living is about $500 to $800. The school offers undergraduate programs in nursing, dentistry, theatre studies, theology, and music studies.

This University offers lots of opportunities and adventures for every student.

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In summary, this post mentioned some of the best universities in Europe where you can study for free. If you wish to study in Europe but you are wondering about the cost of living, tuition fee, and feeding worry no more as there are a lot of tuition free and cheap colleges you can attend there. You do not have to break the bank to pursue a standard education in a foreign country.

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