Universite de Montreal, Canada: Ranking, Tuition Fees and Admission Process




The Universite de Montreal is a francophone institution based in Quebec, Canada and is a part of the U15, a term which refers to the most research-intensive universities in Canada. As at 2011, the University’s revenue raised to aid its research activities was an impressive $524.1 million and it operates over 150 centres where it conducts extensive research. Its research revenue is currently Quebec’s highest at the same time being Canada’s third-highest. It operates over 250 undergraduate programmes with over 350 graduate programmes.

The University has strong affiliations to the HEC Montreal and Ecole Polytechnique, has 16 schools and faculties and also 37 health establishments to which it is affiliated.

Founded in 1878, the University’s campus is based in Quebec, a city which ranked #1 in the 2017 rankings for the Cities most suitable for students. It has over 350,000 living alumni who are well spread around several countries of the world. It helps students with the opportunity to improve on their skills in the French language through individual tutoring and workshops.

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The Universite de Montreal is consistently ranked as a forward-looking institution of learning and as at 2016 was rated among Canada’s top 5 Universities. The QS Intelligence Unit gives the institution a score of 5+ which is the highest score possible in the QS Stars rating system. It is currently ranked 103rd in the world and 3rd in Canada. In the areas of Medicine and life sciences, it ranks among the top 100 in the world and is placed 48th in the 2017 world ranking for pharmacy and pharmacology. The university has received praise for its programs on life sciences which are viewed as having the most extensive range in the country.



Undergraduate Students

The University de Montreal requires that students who apply to them for admission into any of its graduate or undergraduate programs must be those who possess considerable mastery of the French language. This is more so since the University is a Francophone University and insists on communicating in the French language with its students. This communication in French with all students continues all through the duration of your study even up until graduation.

Applications are to be made online on the University’s website and these are usually accompanied by some official documents. These should be originals of the documents or certified photocopies.

Particularly, identity documents are required to show place of birth (showing city and country), sex, full names (first names and surnames). Additionally, foreign students must obtain a student permit together with the Quebec Certificate of Acceptance (CAQ). Also, documents must be translated to French or English when such students are applying from countries which have neither of these languages as an official language.

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Graduate Students

The University de Montreal requires that students who apply to them for graduate studies must have good command of the French language. This is more so since the University is a French University and insist on communicating with all applicants and students in the French language. This insistence on French in their communication with students continues all through the duration of your study up until graduation. A guide to filling the application form may be downloaded at www.admission.umontreal.ca. Your application is to be accompanied with the following

– The identification sheet, fully completed or the application summary (if printed before submission) should be photocopied and attached.

– Applicant’s official transcripts showing grades in every year of study

– Official transcripts showing the grades of the applicant in the last years of secondary school

– Grades of all courses offered in the university in official transcripts. This shall include uncompleted programs, distance education and university exchange programs including any document which operates as proof that the applicant duly obtained his degree.

– Birth certificate or other official document showing applicant’s date of birth, location of birth, sex, family names or other given names as well as full names of parents.

– Official transcripts from University de Montreal for graduate students of the university who are applying for a graduate program.

– Individual programs also require specific documents in the course of application.

– Copies of the certificate proving citizenship for applicants born outside Canada who have subsequently obtained Canadian citizenship.



The cost of tuition is determined by whether the student is a Canadian residing in Quebec, a Canadian residing outside of Quebec or just an international student. Below are estimates of the university’s annual average tuition.

Annual tuition for University de Montreal students

General Undergraduate tuition $7,500

Canada Average $6,053

Newfoundland and Labrador $2,473

Prince Edward Island $4,888

Nova Scotia $7,926

New Brunswick $5,583

Quebec $2,792

Ontario $8,456

Manitoba $4,363

British Columbia $7,527

For foreign students and those not residing in Canada, the above fees are made in addition to some supplementary fees.

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Food ( Groceries ) Price ( Canadian Dollars C$ )
Basic Lunchtime Menu (plus drink) C $ 18
Fast food combo meal (Big Mac) C $ 9
Whole fat milk 1 ltr (1 qt) C $ 1.94
Local cheese 500 gr (16 oz.) C $ 13
Coca-cola 2 ltrs C $ 2.60
2 people worth of bread C $1.94
1 kg of potatoes C $ 2.39
500 gr of boneless Chicken C $ 7
1 kg of tomatoes C $ 4.96
1 kg of apples C $ 3.95
Accomodation ( Housing / Utilities ) Price ( Canadian Dollars C$ )
Monthly rent for apartment (900 Sqft) furnished for 2 C $ 799 – 1,409
Monthly rent for apartment (480 Sqft) furnished for 1 C $ 685 – 893
Utilities(gas, heat, electricity) C $ 77 – 99
Internet usage for a month C $ 44
Detergent for laundry C $ 9
Transportation Price (Canadian Dollars C$)
Monthly ticket C $ 86
Gas (1 ltr) C $ 1.11
Taxi trip, 5 miles (8 km) C $ 19
Personal Care Price (Canadian Dollars C$)
Medicine for cold (Coldrex, Frenadol, Tylenol or equivalent brands) for 6 days C $ 8
Antibiotics, 12 doses (1 box) C $ 34
15 minutes of private doctor visit C $ 135
Deodorant C $ 3.29
Toilet paper (4 rolls) C $ 2.24
Toothpaste (1 tube) C $ 2.43
Standard haircut C $ 21

The University de Montreal has admirable facilities that aid its students in their bid to excel academically in all fields. A student’s inability to speak the French language fluently is not so much of an issue as even foreign students with no prior orientation of French are helped with French help centers.

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