University of Guelph Review: Admissions, Tuition Fees and Application Requirements

The renowned University of Guelph traces its origin to 1874 when the Canadian government purchased 200 hectares of land to build out the School of Agriculture (later Ontario Agricultural College). Years latter, Macdonald Institute (1903) was established to take care of certain subjects like home economics, domestic arts, sciences and so on. The Ontario Veterinary Institute established sometime in 1862 was latter moved to Guelph in 1922. In 1964, these three colleges were nicely merged by legislation to establish the coveted University of Guelph. Thus, University of Guelph became a full fledged university in 1964. On top of that, tuition fees are low and affordable for international students.

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University of Guelph currently ranks top 20 across Canada and top 500 in the world according to QS World University ranking report. This university is ranked number one in Canada and 17th in the world in agricultural science. For plant and animal science, second in Canada and 49 in the world. This institution also have positive ranking in the field of environment and ecology (5th in Canada and 102 in the world).

Times Higher Education ( THE) gave University of Guelph (U of G) five-star ranking in the fields of research, teaching, internationalization, employability of graduate, specialist criteria, facilities, innovation and inclusiveness. Forbes ranks U of G as the 63 Canada best employer in 2017.


University of Guelph is a highly organized institution with many standard services. Some of the services provided by the institution include Veterinary services, health monitoring and advisory services, receiving and delivery of animals and so on.

The University manages about 15 research stations under the purview of Agricultural Research Institute of Ontario. These include Brandfuck Muck Crop Research Station, Alma Agricultural Research Station, Flora Research Station, and so on.


The administrative body of the university include the president, Vice Presidents, board of governors, senate and so on.


The campus services include athletics, campus community police, fire prevention service, hospitality services, campus news, portico magazine, computing and communication services and so.

U of G has activities and services for the pleasure and learning of students


The university offers variety of courses and programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels which includes diplomas, online degrees, masters, doctorate programs in various disciplines.

Undergraduate requirements

Applicant from Ontario (secondary school) must have the following

  • Ontario Secondary school Diploma (OSSD)
  • A minimum of six 4U and/or 4M courses
  • The specific subject requirement of the degree program of interest
  • ENG4U ( required for all degree programs)
  • For students from other provinces, you need to submit your grade data.
  • For transfer students, you must have completed the two or three years diploma programs
  • International student who wishes to join University of Guelph has to submit his/her credentials for review.

Master’s degree requirements

  • Four years honors degree or its equivalent
  • Recognised post-secondary institution
  • Minimum B-average (last two years of full-time equivalent study)

Doctoral degree requirements

  • Completed a bachelor’s and master’s degrees
  • recognised post secondary institution
  • Minimum B-average in their master’s program
  • Demonstrated strong potential for research
  • Two academic referees

Language requirements

You will be required to provide English proficiency test result if:

  • your primary or first language is not English
  • you have had less than four full-time secondary school or post-secondary study, demonstrating satisfactory academic progress in an English-language school system


Canadian students (estimated expenses per year)

full-time tuition C$6,571
residence room C$6,081
full meal plan C$5,050
personal budget C$2,200
textbooks C$1,320
incidental fees C$1,278
Total C$22,501


International students (estimated expenses per year)

full-time tuition C$20,840
residence room C$6,082
full meal plan C$5,050
personal budget C$2,235
textbooks C$1,320
incidental fees (medical, student ass. Etc.) C$1,278
Total C$37,417


  • Full-time tuition ranges between C$6,571 to C$12,271 per years.
  • Full-time undergraduate tuition for international students ranges between C$20,840 to C$27,014 per year
  • Co-operative students pay extra C$270 dollars per semester
  • The five meal plan options range in cost from C$3,895 to C$5,900 per year
  • For international students, Canada Immigration will require that you have sufficient money in your account to pay for one full year tuition and living expenses.


Admission period at the University of Guelph varies. Different course has different admission period. Admission is usually opened from January to December, depending on the course you are applying for. Visit the school’s website for details (

  • International students who are applying from outside Canada should do so at least nine months ahead of the semester to which they wish to apply


  1. What activities are there for alumni in Guelph?
  1. All alumni are members of the University of Guelph Alumni Association (UGAA) upon graduation. The alumni card allows you access to some beneficial offers and discounted promotions
  1. What career services does the university provide for alumni?
  1. All alumni have access to co-operative Education and career services:
  • Career development and job search counselling
  • MBTI and strong interest testing and interpretation (for a fee)
  • Career development and job searching workshops
  • Career and job fair
  • Professional school information sessions
  • Educational opportunities fair
  • Career service website
  • Career resources
  • Job posting
  • Employers information session
  • On-campus recruiting

Where should I send documents in support of application?

  1. This depends on document. You can submit via email or to the mailing address provided on the website.
  1. What do you mean by conditional offer of admission ?
  1. Please refer to admission requirements on this article above
  1. Can I defer my acceptance of admission?
  1. Yes. Contact admission service for more information
  1. What program do you offer?
  1. U of G offers varieties of programs. Check the list of programs on the website
  1. How long does it take to finish a degree?
  1. 4-5 years depending on your program
  1. What student financial services do you offer?
  1. The university offers many student financial services which include semesterly payment, work-study program, part-time jobs, in-course bursaries, government loans and so on.
  1. How much is application fees?
  1. For international students, a non-refundable application processing fee of C$70 must be submitted along with your application form. In addition, for those who are attending or have attended college or university, an extra C$70 will be charged.

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