University of Havanna, Cuba: Tuition Fees, Acceptance Rate and Admission Requirements

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Universidad de La Havana is a university that was founded on the 5th of January, 1728. It is located in the capital of the Republic of Cuba, Vedado and is also the oldest university in Cuba. It started as a religious institution and was known as Real y Pontifical Universidad de San Geronimo de La Habana which translates to “Royal and Pontifical University of Saint Jerome of Havana” in English. Pope Innocent XIII and King Philip V gave it a royal authorization to be created. When it began, it was first located in San Juan de Letran before they moved to Vedado. Back in 1842, the name was changed to “Real y Literaria Universidad de La Habana” when they became a royal and literary institution. After Cuba became a free republic, they became Universidad Nacional (National University).

The university’s interiors were decorated by Armando Menocal y Menocal and the seven frescos are representations of Law, Literature, Medicine, Art, Science, Thought and Liberal Arts. The university’s main entrance has the statue of Alma Mater which was created by Mario Korbel. In 1936, they established their main library ”Ruben Martinez Villena”. In 1952, the university became an anti-government protests center after Fulgencio Batista took over the government and he closed it in 1956. When Fidel Castro took power in 1956, the university did everything to remove anti-revolutionary ideas.

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They signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Rutgers University to exchange opportunities and formalize research for students in 2002. The University of Havana has a total of fifteen faculties and various learning centers throughout Cuba. They also have up to 14 research centers several fields and teach up to 25 specialties. Some of their specialties are music, literature, history, biology, international relation and Caribbean studies. They enroll approximately 60,000 students in regular classes.

Tuition fees

The University of Havana, Cuba offers affordable, quality and flexible study abroad programs to students. Their estimated fees for January 2020 session are $4130 ($3380 for program fee and $750 for housing). Summer session is approximately $4350, with $3780 for program fee and $750 for housing. The fee for summer sessions I & II is $8960 with $7460 for program fees and $1500 for housing. The tuition fee for Summer Session II in 2020 is $4530 ($3780 for program fee and $750 for housing).

Some of the program fee packages are Visa guidance, Parental Support, Scholarship Assistance, Health insurance, Airport pick-up, Mandatory orientation, Field trips, Transcript assistance, Visa fee and so many more.


According to The World’s University Ranking, the University of Cuba ranks 1001+. The number of full-time students in the school is 14,856 and the female to male ratio is 71:29. International students make up 7% of the school and there are 9.8 numbers of students per staff. Their overall score is 10.7 – 22.1 scoring 21.6 in their teaching aspect. The university has a score of 52.5 for International outlook, 40.2 for Industry outcome, 9.5 for citations and 9.0 for Research.

In 2019, Latin America ranking was 48 with the overall score being 54.3 and 11.0 in citations. According to them, Havana score 57.1 for industry outcome, 58.3 for research, 72.0 for International outlook and 77.6 for teaching.

Acceptance rate

The University enroll students every semester and they take students based on past grades and entrance examinations. To check them out and start your process, you can visit their official website. As said earlier in this post, they have a total of 15 faculties which are;

  • Faculty of Biology
  • Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science
  • Faculty of Chemistry
  • Faculty of Physics
  • Faculty of Psychology
  • Faculty of Communication
  • Faculty of Geography
  • Faculty of Tourism
  • Faculty of Foreign Languages
  • Faculty of Accounting and Finance
  • Faculty of Arts and Letters
  • Faculty of Economics
  • Faculty of Philosophy and History
  • Faculty of Pharmacy and Food
  • Faculty of Law

Universidad de La Havana enrollment range is from 10,000 to 14, 999 students and they offer courses that lead to a recognized educational degree. They also have up to 1,500 and 1,999 staff. Their admission policy as said before is based on examinations and students’ past records.

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Admission requirements

If you want to apply to Havana University, you need to prepare all the necessary documents. You need to ask for the list of documents from the university as the requirements might vary for different countries. Most of the documents you will need are Academic Documents, Photographs, Passport, Contact No, Proof of Payment and a Student Visa.

University of Havana Alumni’s

There are so many important personalities that have graduated from Havana but to mention a few;

  • Matilde Ponce Copado who was a Cuban modernist architect and left the school in 1955.
  • Ada Bello who is a Nigerian woman born in 1933 but is now a Cuban LGBTQ activist and medical laboratory researcher.
  • Alexis Mendoza is a writer, artist, and curator based in New York City. He focuses on drawing, sculpting, printing, and painting.
  • Emilio del Toro Cuebas who was the chief justice in Puerto Rico from 1909 to 1922.
  • Abelardo Jose Estorino Lopez was a theatre director, dramatist and critic in Cuba before he died.
  • Carilda Oliver Labra who studied law in Havana and was a poet when she was alive.

There are so many great people that attended this school and became the best version of themself. You can check more alumni of this school.


The University of Havana is one of the oldest and highest-ranked in Cuba at the moment. It is affiliated to Union de Universidades de America Latina y el Caribe and AsociacionUniversitariaIberoamericana de Postgrado.

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