University of Twente, Netherlands- Programmes offered and Tuition Fees

The university of Twente is a public university located in Enschede, Netherlands. Before we proceed on the interesting facts about the university of Twente, let’s take a brief look at the city of Enschede.
About the City of Enschede
Enschede is a city of knowledge and education. With the University of Twente and ‘Kennispark Twente’ . The city is internationally acclaimed for their ability to transfer theoretical knowledge into high end practical applications. Enschede  is the epicentre of music and culture in the east of the Netherlands, with a splendid range of shops and boutiques. All centred around the most convivial public squares by several cafés, restaurants, bars and clubs. Enschede is also home to the fantastic football club, FC Twente!Enschede is a city you would love! It’s a city with friend atmosphere to study , work and live in.
The University of Twente
The University of Twente is known for raising world’s researchers in different fields such as Information Communication and Technology (ICT), nanotechnology and biotechnology. The university can boast of developing many persons whose impact has been felt in the world. For example, great men like Jaap Haartsen, Inventor of Bluetooth, Gom van Strien, Dutch politician – member of the Senate, Han Polman, Dutch politician – King’s Commissioner of Zeeland, Geert-Jan Bruinsma, Founder of and so many others graduated from the university of Twente.
ICT, biotechnology, nanotechnology, sustainable energy and even governance are fundamental areas in University of Twente.
The University of Twente is also well-known for creation of innovative businesses through its engineering ability.
1. There are over 18,000 universities in the world and the University of Twente is ranked to be the top 200 of them all.
2.The University of Twente has over 80 nationalities with its colourful multicultural community.
3. The university combines technology and engineering with behavioural and social sciences – giving them a rare stance compared to other universities.
4. Studying in the University of Twente develops you personally. This is because of the interactions it affords you with international students with different cultures and backgrounds.
Additionally, studying in an international University like the University of Twente, also trains you to learn to manage things on your own -It makes you more responsible.

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The University of Twente offers Twenty-two (22) Bachelor’s programmes, post- graduate programmes , thirty – one (31) Master’s degree programmes and PhD programmes. These programmes are in the field of technology, behavioural and social sciences.
Bachelor degree programmes the university offers:
Applied Medicine
Advanced Technology
Business Technology
Civil Engineering
Business & IT
Biomedical Technology
Applied Mathematics
Chemical Technology
The university of Twente also offers a several Masters programmes in the following fields:
MSc Nanotechnology
MSc Public Administration
MSc Mechanical Engineering
MSc Health Sciences
MSc Industrial Engineering and Management
MSc Environmental and Energy Management
MSc Business Information Technology
MSc Civil Engineering and Management
MSc Construction Management and Engineering
MSc Industrial Design Engineering
MSc Business Administration

MSc Geo-information Science and Earth Observation

MSc Sustainable Energy Technology

MSc Applied Mathematics
MSc Computer Science
MSc Electrical Engineering
MSc Embedded Systems
MSc Human Media Interaction
MSc Systems and Controls
Master Geo-information Science and Earth Observation
MSc Chemical Engineering
MSc Telematics
MSc Communication Studies
MSc Educational Science and Technology
MSc Philosophy of Science, Technology and Society
MSc Applied Physics
MSc Biomedical Engineering

The university has five (5) Faculties with each Faculty organized into many departments. The five faculties are:
1. Faculty of Geo-information Sciences and Earth Observation (ITC)
2. Engineering Technology (ET)
3.Science and Technology (ST)
4. Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science (EEMCS)
5. Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences (BMS)

The university of Twente campus, in simple terms, has everything you need:student residences and staff accommodation, sports fields, shops, conference and meeting centres, a pub and a library.

For 2019/2020 academic session, the tuition fees for Master’s programme and pre-Master’s program are:
Euro 12,083 per year for a Master’s programme. Each (academic) year the tuition fee will be adjusted.
Euro 10,041.60 per 30 EC for a pre-Master’s programme ( depending on your size of pre-Master’s, of course).
One of the good things about schooling in the university of Twente is that you can school and work- the city Enschede is full of job opportunities.
To apply to school here, one of the major requirements is that you must know how to speak and understand English

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