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The university of Waterloo which kicked off for its first academic session in 1957 with a subtotal of 74 students, is one of the top ranked universities in Canada and globally. With her main campus situated in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, this educational establishment also has other campuses across North America, Asia and Europe and an online extension known as the waterloo centre for extended learning.


According the world university ranking of 2016, University of Waterloo is ranked as the 152nd best university in the QS world rankings for 2016. Her engineering course is ranked among the world’s top 50 and her computer science in the league of the top 100. This university is also considered the number 1 institution in Canada for Engineering and computer science according to the US news and world report best global universities for 2017.

Proclaimed by Maclean’s as the most innovative university for 25 years repeatedly, the university happens to be one of the best institutions for career developments according to The Globe and Mail University Report due to their top co-operative education program.

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The University of Waterloo offers a range of courses in their undergraduate and graduate schools including the Professional coursework masters, online masters, graduate diplomas and, doctoral programs in a vast amount of disciplines.

Undergraduate Admission;

Applicant in Ontario should have the Ontario secondary school Diploma (OSSD) with at least six grade 12 U or M courses or as specified by department. Courses must also be relevant to intended program of study.

In some cases, minimum might be increased based on the number of qualified applicants and the number of places available in a particular department.

Applicants from other districts in Canada must possess a secondary school grade 12 diploma.

For applicants outside Canada, all credentials will be subjected to review by admissions committee of intended departments to check the standards according to the Ontario educational system.

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Master’s Admission;

Applicant must possess a 75% total standing in the two previous years or an equivalent in a 4-year Honours B.Sc. Some courses however, require a higher academic standing.Applicant must also have two or more reference letters.Academic references are compulsory except course specifies a professional reference.

Doctoral Admission;

Applicant must possess a minimum of 75% academic standing or its equal in previous degree, some departments however, require a higher standard. Applicant should also show great qualifications such as advanced research capabilities. Three reference letters are required, all academic with the exception of a professional reference specification.

Admission for international students; To apply for full time studies, the applicant would have to apply to Citizenship and Immigration of Canada in their country for a study permit. After applying online at the school’s admission portal, candidate must secure a signed transcript from post- secondary institution showing academic standing and awarded degree.

Language Requirements;

  • If your first language isn’t English, your most recent 4years of education must have been taught in English.
  • For Canadians, you have to be a bilingual francophone speaking individual.
  • You may need to show an English proficiency test score.
  • Acceptable tests are; Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), International English Language Testing System (IELTS), Michigan English Language Assessment Battery (MELAB), Canadian Academic English Language Assessment (CAEL), Pearson Test of English (PTE) and, English for Academic Success (EFAS). Applicant must have a total of at least 75% in any of each both in oral and writing aspects.

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Other basic requirements are;

  • Undergraduate degrees from only approved universities and colleges
  • Applications made very early through the online application portal with a non- refundable fee of $100.00
  • The application must then be approved by the intended department of the proposed program.
  • The applicants must also be advocated for by the dean of such faculty in order to secure an admission.
  • Depending on the verdict by the faculty committee, an applicant may have to take a set of examinations.
  • Other requirements are course specific. unnamed(3).jpg

Tuition;The University has a total of 6 faculties with about 11 faculty based schools and these are some of their estimated tuitions;

Applied Health Sciences 6,420 24,830
Arts 6,420 24,830
Engineering 14,080 35,754
Digital Arts 11,904 27,228
Computer Science 8,612 26,882
Business Admin/Mathematics 8,612 26,882
Environment 6,420 24,830

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Admission periods;

If you wish to be admitted to the September- December term, you have to apply online from December and latest by April for students within Ontario, while others have an application deadline for March.

To be admitted into the January- April term, you have to apply online from anytime from June till the deadline which is October.

It should however be noted that deadline for application for some courses might be prolonged if there are available spaces.

Cost of living in Ontario Canada;

FOOD ( Groceries ) PRICE ( Canadian Dollars C$ )
Regular Lunchtime Menu C$ 13
Milk 1ltr C$ 3.25
Coca-cola 2ltrs C$ 2.43
Bread 1 loaf C$1.31
Potatoes 1kg C$ 2.09
Chicken 500gr C$ 5.95
Tomatoes 1kg C$ 3.59
Apple 1kg C$ 3.24
ACCOMODATION ( Housing / Utilities ) PRICE ( Canadian Dollars C$ )
85m2 furnished apartment for 2(monthly rent) C$ 1,200- 1,500
45m2 furnished apartment for 1(monthly rent) C$ 750- 1,200
Utilities(gas, heat, electricity) C$ 105- 178
Monthly Internet C$ 45-50
Monthly public transportation ticket C$ 75
1 ltr Gas C $ 1.08
Taxi (8 km) C $ 30

University of waterloo is an outstanding university. Her co-operative education program has helped a lot of students excel not only academically but also career wise since a working spirit and lots of experience is imparted into them through their journey.



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